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7 Replies to “La Meute, and many other groups and individuals braved the cold to protest the Global Migration Pact”

  1. There should have been 100,000 people there !! Either people of Canada ?? don’t have a clue what is going on in Canada or they don’t give a funk about this great country !! My deepest heartfelt thank you to all the people that were there !! I am ready and willing to give my life for Canada ! But not for a people that will not get off their ass to even attend a protest to stop a treasonous leader from destroying their country as Trudeau is doing everything he can to destroy Canada ??

    • To be fair, the media is part of a vast government conspiracy to remake Canada as a postmodern socialist state.

      So you can’t blame Canadians for not being upset about something they have never heard of, or do not understand at all in real terms if they had.

      For proof of that, CBC was there to ‘cover’ (slander) the event. But they didn’t have ANY markings whatsoever because the one thing they did know, was that if people knew they were CBC they would have taken proper and righteous abuse and had no cooperation whatsoever from people who know what treasonous bastards they all are, and at taxpayers expense.

      Personally the idea that CBC would be there without any markings I find doubles the stench of them, but that perhaps is just my view.

      • The Propaganda Media in both Canada and the US are part of the effort to destroy the nation state and impose Marxist rule over the entire world. I wish more people in both nations understood that and were more willing to fight for their freedom.

  2. I lived in Canada.It is the most dead country ever .People do not even care enough to vote.They are enslaved by their big taxes and cold.
    terrible country…

  3. Justine is one of those peculiar specimens whose fastidiousness requires him to commit murder by proxy. Evidently, he doesn’t possess the scrotal endowment required to do the job himself. I guess he figures that Muslims will work just fine.

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