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One Reply to “Perfect response to elitist leftist who threatens those with whom he disagrees”

  1. On first take, Avi has doxed David Zyngier, Senior Lecturer, Education. (House number, reverse-image search etc). This person who sent out a request for Avi’s address to be able to share out to his followers, crying to the police that he is the victim.

    There is a sense of fair-play for ‘what goes on the internet stays on the internet’, and to give the University Lecturer his due, that he was only asking for information already out there.

    But dig deeper, and we have got to always remember this (and forget at our peril): Cloned-people are not like us.

    They do not play by the same rules.

    Those in the hypnotic state of submission, destroyed the individual within themselves, awakened their sexuality for the only sense of life they have, and belong to the Protectorait. You are outside that group and will never be permitted to live.

    David Zyngier has risen in the ranks of Monash University. A fortress for marxism:


    The corruption of the soul of a child is their end game. To live as a Preferential Slave.

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