From 2 minutes ago in France

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  1. The reports from yesterday say 129 were arrested, Macron calls the protesters thugs, one protest leader condemns the violence, a retired man protesting ways you can’t have a revolution with out violence. The French police say that both far right and far left agitators are in the protesters and are turning violent. Some police and some protesters have been sent to the hospital.

    • 1 police rifle stolen, how long before the rebels start stealing more and more weapons? Assuming some of the antifa tyes don”t already have them.

  2. Based on what I have read of revolutions France is at a tipping point, the French Government can use overwhelming force and crush the rebels or they can hesitate and the movement will grow to the point the police and Army will join the rebels.

    The big question is will the police and military use lethal force against the rebels? If the answer is no the French government is toast and the rebellion will spread to other members of the EU. This is why Merkel wants an EU Army so they could use the troops from another nations against the French or other nations. She should have tried to get one about 4 years ago. The problem is 4 years ago her request would have been a very big signal of what she was planning and the EU crisis would have erupted then.

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