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12 Replies to “Criticism of mass non-Western migration into Europe to be banned?”

    • EU . . . why do you hate natives so much? Why do you worship islam so much: ? If you hate your own flesh and blood so much, do you really love any foreigners, say Ukrainians as you (claim) / lie.

  1. I try to visualize Macron, Merkel, Junker….at the border of a east European country asking for asylum.
    That will be a very nice thing to see.
    On the other hand, there will be many very bad things to see in west Europe.
    How is that, in history all extremely bad things happening to east Europeans come from Russia, Islam or west Europe ?

    • I’d rather expect Merkel to retreat to South-America ; after all she would be following a long standing tradition for german politicians to spend their hard earned and well deserved retirement in that part of the world . Latest known illustrious german statesperson : Erich Honecker . Ironically , Merkel seems to have absorbed profound knowledge of totalitarian politics in the “Freie Deutsche Jugend” , while uncle Honecker was in power ….
      Her french lapdog will surely fit in the carry-on luggage . As for Juncker ? Well , i guess its up to his liver , where (and when) he goes into retirement .

    • How is that, in history all extremely bad things happening to east Europeans come from Russia, Islam or west Europe?

      Your neighbors screw you because you won’t let your enemies move in next door.

    Gracious, loving, heavenly Father – we have sinned against Thee. Where the few in today’s world seek by all and any means to subjugate or destroy the many, may it please Thee to bring them down from their high places and send them back the way they came, empty-handed, to consider their ways. And may it please Thee to raise up men who know Thee, who walk with Thee daily and who are filled with Thy Holy Spirit to govern us in righteousness. We desire no king but the King of kings and Lord of lords. We cry out to Thee for mercy upon our wicked nation. Not that we might continue in our wickedness but that heaven-sent revival would return this nation to being the land of the Book. We ask that this United Kingdom be not given over to the hand of our enemies – whether they be at home or abroad. Thy people desire to be judged by Thee and not by men. We pray that Thy judgement which is so clearly upon us be exercised by Thine own hand and that we be not given over to the hands of cruel and wicked men. Protect Thy Word among us and give power to Thy Gospel of Free Grace as it goes forth in every form and by any means to every never-dying soul – that Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of sinners, would be high and lifted up among us. Awaken the dead and quicken the living, O Most High. Teach us to lay all at Thy feet – withholding nothing. Keep us in Thy fear and deliver us from the fear of man, which is a snare. Deliver us from our paralysis. We have no hope without Thee. Enable all men to see that truth. Let us die to self and live to Christ. May He increase and we decrease. Wash all our sins away in the blood of the Lamb. For Christ’s Crown and Covenant. In Jesus Name.

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