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4 Replies to “Casus Belli 172-b17-2A: German schools”

    • We are trying to stop them at the Southern Border but it is still up in the air. It is too late to stop them in Europe using peaceful tactics, one raw naked violence will work over there.

      • Ever see Octopussy Richard?

        Its a brilliant example of how that fails. In fact, I think the plan all along is to force Trump to use harsh force on people who can be sold to the general American public, already fuelled on hate for President Trump, as noble savages.

        Then its over for his administration.

        In this through the looking glass world we are in, the winner is the one who looks like the victim. Right now, America does. We have to keep it that way for the moment.

        If you haven’t seen, or better, read, Octopussy, the James Bond movie/book, its a brilliant example of how the Soviets planned to use the Western left to unilaterally disarm Western nukes based on a false flag attack.

        • Yes I have seen the movie, but the problem is that the attempt to force the border open over the weekend has turned a lot of people away from supporting the migrants. The larger the attacking groups get the less support they have in the US and if the reported 20,000 try to force the border the vast majority will say anything done is OK.

          Personally I don’t think the things will remain peaceful in Mexico much longer. The locals are already protesting the migrants being in Tijuana and the more that come in the greater the pressure on Mexico. Especially if President Trump does shut down the entire border, that will put massive pressure on Mexico to move the invaders back to their own countries. NR did an excellent job of detailing the economic pressure this would put on Mexico.

          Also things will probably change for the better once the new President takes over in Mexico, he has already shown a willingness to work with the US to solve this problem without letting anyone force the US border. He also shows signs of being willing to stop the invaders from entering into Mexico. You are thinking of the bad publicity if the US is forced to use lethal force on the invaders. What will happen if the new President of Mexico moves a lot of Federal Police and Mexican Army in and starts arresting the invaders on various charges?

          The propaganda media is pushing the idea that the invaders are harmless but the pictures of the attempt to force the border over the weekend are getting out on the net and according to Dan Bongino on todays show that action cost the invaders a lot of support. We still have a good chance to turn this entire attempted invasion around and make it a big victory for us. As General Patton said, “Never take council of your fears” we can still win this fight although it is going to be long and bloody.

          The next move is up to the invaders or the Mexican Government, we will have to wait and see what they are going to do. Indications are that we have people embedded in the invaders and are receiving a info on their next moves before they are made and hopefully in time to set up the counter that won’t make us look bad.

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