Unknown man gives instructions to people preparing to invade USA

This is a curious one. Fousequawk was kind enough to watch a 30 minute and change video where an unknown person was clearly giving instructions to Central American invaders of the US.

The video at the very least, indicates that this is highly organized, and that supranational institutions are involved. We just translated and titled the important bits, however we do not believe there are changes in meaning due to context related to the parts not done.

Most of that was trivial or details or interruptions.

We really do want to know what the European Union fellow has to do with all of this.


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  1. … an unknown person was clearly giving instructions to Central American invaders of the US.

    I don’t give a fig about who it was, “giving instructions to Central American invaders of the US.” What I really want to know is, who’s paying this treacherous bastich and what organization does that person belong to?

    • Start looking at the people who paid Venezuela to pay for the start and most of the passage to the US, then shift to Soros and other rich open border types.

    • I saw a comment on a Mexican website with a rumor that the EU is preparing an asylum offer.

      Them and what ocean liner or three? Or is the EU going to trundle out all of its unsold Airbus A380s and use those to ferry this merry throng to overseas asylum? Just imagine their unbridled and supremely nuanced glee whilst being enriched by MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha) gangsters.

      Why, just the virtue signalling alone would make a World Series catcher’s cues easier to read than ASL (American Sign Language).

  2. The unknown activist is Irineo Mujica
    Identifican a Irineo Mujica como instigador de los migrantes

    Gobierno de Baja California acusó a Irineo Mujica, activista de la organización Pueblo sin Fronteras, como responsable de incitar a integrantes de la Caravana Migrante para que cruzaran de México hacia Estados Unidos de manera ilegal.

    El Diario La Razón publicó que Gustavo Magallanes Cortés, director de Atención al Migrante de la Secretaría General de Gobierno de BC, afirma que han identificado a los responsables de manipular a los centroamericanos para pasar la frontera, entre ellos Mujica.

    Magallanes Cortés también afirmó que estos líderes reciben órdenes, por lo que ya se está investigando para encontrar a los responsables detrás de los actos realizados por migrantes en la garita de El Chaparral.

    Por último, hizo un llamado para que no se repitan estas acciones que ponen en riesgo a las persona y la integridad de sus familias.


    Phoenix activist arrested in southern Mexico while participating in migrant caravan

    An immigrant activist from Phoenix has been arrested in southern Mexico while taking part in a large caravan of several thousand migrants from Central America headed for the U.S. border.

    Irineo Mujica was one of the main organizers of last spring’s migrant caravan that prompted President Donald Trump to order the deployment of National Guard troops to the border.

    Mujica was arrested Thursday in Ciudad Hidalgo, a town in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas, after the latest caravan made up of at least 5,000 migrants from Central America illegally crossed into Mexico from Tecun Umam, Guatemala.

    Video posted on Twitter and Facebook showed Mexican federal police and immigration authorities roughly pulling Mujica out of a crowd of migrants, walking him away and then shoving him into a white van.

    Mujica was not involved in organizing the most recent caravan, said Alex Mensing, on organizer with Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the binational group that organized last spring’s caravan.

    He was there to help coordinate humanitarian assistance in the city of Tapachula after the caravan ballooned in size and approached Mexico, Mensing said.

    “He was not involved in organizing the beginnings of the caravan,” Mensing said of Mujica.

    On the day he was arrested, Mujica was with a group of migrants marching to a church when they stopped along the banks of the Suchiate River, which separates Mexico and Guatemala.

    They wanted to welcome a large wave of migrants, mostly from Honduras, preparing to cross over into Mexico after travelling throrugh Guatemala, Mensing said.

    “They were having a peaceful march,” Mensing said.

    A group of about 20 Mexican federal police and 15 Mexican immigration officers “broke up the group and went straight for Irineo,” Mensing said.

    Mujica was jailed and has been charged with obstructing authorities, according to information distributed to media outlets on WhatsApp, a messaging app.

    Mujica was released midday Saturday, Mensing said, and must post a 10,000 peso bond, equivalent to about $520.

    He also forfeited his documents, and was ordered not to leave Tapachula until his case is resolved, Mensing said.

    Mujica has dual citizenship in Mexico and the United States. He has residences in both Phoenix and Sonoyta, Sonora, where he runs a migrant shelter across the border from Lukeville, Arizona.[…]


    Irineo Mujica just past the 0:48 mark in this video :

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