Yellow vest protests moving to Germany?

There are indications that the Yellow vest demonstrations in France will move to Germany.

Twitter and other social media more typically associated with phones, seem to be abuzz with instructions, locations and organizers for massive yellow vest protests to hit every city and town in Germany soon.

One wonders whether to rejoice, or feel this is a planned tactic to bring down federal governments by long gamers who must have predicted the rise of the real resistance to the communist-islamic revolution.

In any case, prepare your telescopes to look to the East of France. It could get interesting soon.

This video says December 1:

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6 Replies to “Yellow vest protests moving to Germany?”

  1. Also in Belgium (Charleroi). Wtf is going on?

    I don’t think it has much to do with communists or islamists. These are people struggling to make ends meet, and are being screwed over by their banker-king.
    It’s not often talked about, but there are many people living in poverty in France, especially up north. And Charleroi is probably the poorest town in Belgium.

    • I wonder if this was Soros’ end game all along. Bring down federal governments with wide spread discontent.

      He doesn’t care who does it. muslims, leftists, as long as it happens.

      • Yeah this is what he wants, the collapse of all of the Governments in the First and Second world. Just remember nothing is happening in a vacuum, what is happening on the Southern border will effect what is happening in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. When we look at what is happening on the Southern Border we find Russian, Iranian and Chinese fingerprints with possible evidence of Soros bein involved. In Europe we find Soros fingerprints on everything that is happening and in the Middle East we find Russian, Chinese and Iranian fingerprints.

        I don’t think they have a hard plan for things just a general direction and end result and a time table that may or may not be right.

        Never get so focused on one region that you ignore the other regions, the bad guys are embedded in ll of the areas where we are having potentially masive problems.

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