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8 Replies to “Gang rape, unknown in Germany before you-know-who(s) got there”

  1. There is a theory that says that group rape is symbolic homosexuality in that they mix their “seed” in a group “bonding”. It seems repulsive to me and even more repulsive to the victims but it does seem that the “perps” are mostly homophobes irrespective of culture. So it does make you think

    • Personally I think at least part of the answer as to Islam and gang-rape lies in a section of the following documentary on Dogs.

      The answer lies in the second barn in the Soviet experiment on domesticating foxes. Quite interesting. Well worth the time to watch.

      • Thank you for that. All of my childhood and teenage pets were dogs but after(always wanted a wolf or dingo cub) going overseas when the last one was killed by a car, and living in flats and tents I drifted away from dogs. Now we have Burmese cats who think that they are dogs(fetch(we have to hide the toys especially a toy stuffed cat as otherwise you are never safe even at night from having it dropped on your head. One in particular always brings her toy to you when you go to bed crying madly as she does so. Unsure if she thinks I want it or that she does), they come when you whistle, jump into your arms and talk to you much the same as do dogs and they know when you are in pain or unwell. But they are not keen on leashes still)

      • Addendum: I see your point about the 2nd barn but the inverse or the first barn also applies to the west. The peace that so many of us take for granted is decreasing the incidence of the warrior trait and its associated ethos (already sneered at by so many) in the west. Now we have wimpy (brave on boards/committees etc.) but physically not aggresse money makers (hopefully good looking) as prime breeding partners. This explains Rome’s fall as much as the other factors and bodes poorly for us all in the west

      • If foxes can change so drastically in a few generations, one assumes that people can as well. And we in the West have been busy breeding aggression out of our offspring, leaving us extremely vulnerable to cultures that do the opposite (reward aggression – the most aggressive in the muslim world, typically, pass on their genes, “moderates” are killed and therefore fail to pass on their genes). I guess that this has been a recurring pattern in human history and, inevitably, the civilized (weaker, in evolutionary terms) are devoured by the uncivilized (the stronger, from a strictly evolutionary standpoint). Oh, oh.

  2. BTW the “you know who” used in the title stinks of the well know refusal of many to notice the elephant in the room and currently trashing it. Harry Potter for all of its faults made this point eminently clear but many of those who read it cannot seem to extrapolate to the reality around them. I understand that there was no real intent on any POV in it but I just see it as another white flag. Apologies!

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