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3 Replies to “U of Wisconsin Madison: Muslim student enraged that terrorism class mentions jihad”

  1. Engels was the first SJW that Marx exploited.

    Of Engels:
    “In private, however, he developed an interest in liberal and revolutionary works, notably the banned writings of “Young German” authors such as Ludwig Börne, Karl Gutzkow, and Heinrich Heine. But he soon rejected them as undisciplined and inconclusive in favour of the more systematic and all embracing philosophy of G.W.F. Hegel as expounded by the “Young Hegelians,” a group of leftist intellectuals, including the theologian and historian Bruno Bauer and the anarchist Max Stirner. They accepted the Hegelian dialectic—basically that rational progress and historical change result from the conflict of opposing views, ending in a new synthesis. The Young Hegelians were bent on accelerating the process by criticizing all that they considered irrational, outmoded, and repressive. As their first assault was directed against the foundations of Christianity, they helped convert an agnostic Engels into a militant atheist, a relatively easy task since by this time Engels’s revolutionary convictions made him ready to strike out in almost any direction.”

    Hegelian dialectic: One brain hemisphere accepted and the other rejected – and feed it this sub-dom dialetic – and then the slaves to the Voice of Criticism will think themselves the new superior Woman.

    Now reverse it. The Islamic dialectic. The slaves to the Instructions of Muhammad will think themselves the new superior Man.

    “Hegels” and “muslims”

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