Toronto District School Board introduces Islamic History Month

Some of you may remember this story at the TDSB from 2011

Menstruating at the Mosqueteria

Oh yeah and who can discuss the Toronto District School board without a look at their official logo:

And of course the word, “inclusive” is front and centre on their site.




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7 Replies to “Toronto District School Board introduces Islamic History Month”

  1. Two months each year the whine of Islam advertised as being superior:
    1. For being told what to do.
    2. For being told what they were told to do.

  2. Shocking, Islam doesn’t leave any country out either. I thought Canada was still a country I could flee to one day from Islam. Mistake! One really have to ask what is wrong with us (the West). Something is obnoxious. It can’t be a “coincidence” that only the natural ramparts in the Middle East and Africa are shot down by all those who kept these strange masses of people away from us, and that they are now spreading them more and more in our beloved homeland, although nobody here wants them, has missed them, called them, even claimed that we have to offer them attention, money and possibilities all day long, and that we have to orient our lifestyle towards their demands. It is pure humiliation, a slap in the face of Western civilization. A bad nightmare that doesn’t just want to end.

      video – 54 minutes 40 seconds
      Canada’s Liberal Party leader and Obama acolyte, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is corrupting Canada through drugs, sexual perversion, and a Muslim invasion, says Tanya Gaw of the Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government. Former drama teacher Trudeau, an admitted pothead, legalized marijuana nationwide on October 17, opening up Canada to drug cartels, and has facilitated the transgender revolution in Canadian schools. Trudeau, who visits mosques and has abandoned his Catholic faith on abortion and same-sex marriage, has invited foreign Muslims from terror-supporting countries to come to Canada. Activist Tanya Gaw describes how Canadians of a conservative and Christian persuasion have risen up against “the lies of the left” and Trudeau regime and are working to replace it in elections scheduled for next year. Will Canadian conservatives be allowed the freedom to voice their views and concerns? Can the conservatives in Canada get organized and get enough support from Canadian businesses to make a difference in time to save their nation?

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