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7 Replies to “Comparing subways in Europe”

  1. Remember when all of your mass transit was just like Poland’s? I can still remember taking the Greyhound bus to where my grandmother lived, and she would meet me at the bus stop (back when I was less than ten years-old).

    All the other clips are merely sneak previews of what will trigger civil war throughout Europe. The sole alternative is an EU deserted by its original occupants and, instead, occupied by millions of socioculturally illiterate (largely Muslim) invaders.

    The potential loss of patrimony alone is enough to trigger endless bloodshed.

  2. As in Poland, it used to be the case with us, although there were always many foreigners in the big cities, but never as bad as today, especially Muslims. At the beginning of the 90s I took the underground to work in Hamburg. It is worse than a horror film that people are now being slaughtered there in front of everyone’s eyes, but apparently the dream vision of the left-wing advocates of immigration…


    I don’t even want to live in left-wing Bremen, where the Lebanese Miri clan, among others, has the whole city under their control. But even our medium-sized city is now plagued by unprecedented crime in the middle of the pedestrian zones. https://theoldcontinent.eu/migrant-stabbed/


    • I travelled a lot London and Scandinavia in the 90s, never Paris. Holland right next door (Groningen). I wouldn’t travel to all these countries now, but avoid them, they have lost their flair and charm through the allowed mass invasion.

      In the allegedly super-tolerant Netherlands, the citizens were already in the 90s more extremely against immigration than the once despised “Nazis”, who had been damned by the Dutch and the English for so long. It doesn’t take much imagination what it looks today, over 20 years later, in their people’s minds.

      Really strange: the Germans, who for decades were insulted as racists, are now the ones who have taken in ten times as many “refugees” as anyone else. Either the Germans’ will to survive is broken or completely demolished, or they are so mad that they believe that “all this cannot harm an efficient national economy like Germany!”. Also a kind of megalomania. For there are now more Muslim children than German children. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutscher_Michel

      “Michel wake up so that you won’t be sold in your sleep!”

      • Kinda weird: German Lying media report about “American Nazis”.
        Sometimes I get the impression that this serves to wash away all
        historical participation and to say: “We wear the cleanest vests!

      • This year in Stuttgart I asked a politician why the Germans were so hell bent on taking in Muslims, to the point where it threatened their lives, and their culture and their national sovereignty.

        He replied immediately, “Guilt. Because of Hitler and the Holocaust.” He was born and raised in East Germany and didn’t have these feelings. He said the Germans were brainwashed from the earliest age and on to feel this guilt and that the sin of their fathers and grandfathers was still as fresh in their minds as it was after WWII.

        So now they’re turning their country over to a barbaric civilization whose ideology makes Jew hatred and the murder of Jews a sacred act. Go figure.

        • In the end, this brain disease will tear both alleged (present-day) victims and alleged (present-day) perpetrators together into the abyss. Karmically chained together, it would be a liberation for all if it turned out that everything was just a fake to reach a certain goal. Perhaps already, by having to massively revise numbers, by seeing how much who perished why – on each side!

          As far as I overlook it today, the very survival of the white race, the entire Western world, depends on this question: are we forever “guilty” – or not!? If Germany falls, it will tear everyone else like dominoes in Europe and finally in the world into the abyss. Is this the intention to reach finally “Armageddon”? Because self-destruction is inherent in one’s own being?



          • This is what I was waiting for hardy.

            You start out the same way whatever nick you use. Tons and tons of reasonable yet time wasting posts.
            Then you start with the Nazi crap.

            THis is a NAZI FORGERY. All Orthodox Jews know this is crap and this guy is not for real.

            This is to incite hatred of jews, and I suspect you know it because you always plaster this site with antisemitic bullshit given the chance.

            No get lost and stay lost.

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