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16 Replies to “French authorities raid communist leader’s home”

  1. I have been away from my desk for a while so I’m not totally au fait with the latest. However, here is my fully personal and totally subjective take of this (nourished by unconfirmed “talk” I have heard here and there:

    Disclaimer: I totally despise and loathe Melenchon, who is STILL a communist (he does not hide that) but, what I consider is worse: he is an anti-white racist, 1000% pro-islam/islamist, big mouth, media manipulator who managed – during the election campaign- to have very very photoshopped pictures of him, “followed by a crowd” when, in fact, it was just him and his camera team. What was also very despicable of him (in my opinion), he brought in to his “party” and into the official government opposition some of the most unsavoury characters, just because they were black and loud. One of them actually LITERALLY bit a hapless taxi driver when he insisted of getting his fare.

    To the present situation: The question has been posed “hypothetically” of course (it’s too dangerous to ask questions otherwise in France atm) if Melenchon was about to publicise some rather unsavoury aspects of Macron’s life. If this is true, then what we could be seeing here is one bunch of Tards fighting the other powerful bunch of Tards. And, of course, like so much in France, this melodrama has sexual connotations too. Except – until now, the sexual indiscretions of French political leaders have been treated rather discretely.

    Melenchon, however, would cross ANY line to get his way.

    I would like to see this Jew-hating Schmuser of Blacks-because-they-are-black, Arabs-because-they-are-Arabs, Muslims-because-they-are-muslims, who has meanwhile aquired a large following, (especially in Marseille) disappear from the political scene.

    However, although nothing has happened to him yet, what has not happened to those on our side, his reaction could make for some delicious scandals to look forward to.

    • Hey, Rita!
      Your passion is soooo much more fun to read than the rage roaring through my head.

      Past time to push Jumping Jupiter out of office. Did the pervert cultivate that tardish thug-bodyguard? Odd, wasn’t it?

      But this kind of commie gelled the sectarian movements in Lebanon that led to civil war. Soviet-sponsored “community organizers”. Then it got away from them, of course.

      Tribal warlords control territory with their vicious gangs. That’ll be Melenchon-cochon’s Marseilles.

      • ((((((((((((((((((((( yucki )))))))))))))))))))))))
        Longtime no see!!! …
        You get it, as always ! “MelCochon” !!! LOL

        OT: If you see Martin about, give him my best please!

    • Melenchon is a truly nasty arrogant piece of work and very extreme, he has a massive ego and during this he exposed himself for what he is. During the altercation outside his office when he and his goons pushed their way he, he insisted that he was the Republic and he stopped the French justice from doing their work. Later at the Parliament when asked by a journalist why he had a different attitude now when he is under investigation as compared to Fillon and Le Pen, which he stated six months ago, he insulted her French in a very arrogant aggressive way.

      Some people in the party have started to say that there is no democracy in his party and that he is like a ruler, arrogant and aggressive.and I think this is the start of destroying his carefully created image. My sister-in-law told me she would vote for him last weekend, which is scary as hell.

      He has decided to go after Macron in a very personal way so it I agree with Rita that it is two complete Tards going at each other in any way they can. I sure hope they bring each other down.

      The French have this thing about the impartiality of the justice, this is bullshit as the justice is heavily politicized, this is amusing however as this is the commies getting a dose rather than conservatives. I hate using the terms right, left, etc.

      Like many small parties in the EU they paid their staff with EU political party allowances and therefore likely had split jobs within the party, this is a method of the EU to attack those that they disagree with, as they control the funding it is a powerful threat to keep them in line. The EU at work…

      However during the Presidential elections he had an association that was re-billing work done with a significant increase in cost to take money from the French state that pays the election costs.of political parties. This is the core accusation. Also Melenchon is actually one of the richer French politicians.

      His fall is a good thing and it looks like he arrogance and aggression has really come home on him in that he made some very rash decisions and reactions. However the approach of the elites in Europe at this point is downright scary and anti-democratic, they are running scared and it shows.

      • What @ DaffersD said is correct.

        May, what the German author Büchner put into the mouth of Danton: “”La révolution dévore ses enfants” (the revolution devours its own young) also go for the “Fake Revolution” such as the one MACRON was supposed to ring in !
        Bon appetit ! 😉

        • …The French have this thing about the impartiality of the justice, this is bullshit as the justice is heavily politicized…

          I recommend (to those reading French) to look up “le mur des cons”.

    • Hello Rita, wie geht’s?

      now it is even better …

      …. there was a woman with Mélenchon when the police arrived at his home early in the morning for the search…

      … and this woman is precisely the one being investigated for the misappropriated funds of his political party ….

      trop drôle…. :


      […]Quand les policiers sont arrivés au domicile personnel de Jean-Luc Mélenchon, mardi 16 octobre, à 7 heures, ils y ont découvert Sophia Chikirou

      […]« Le patron de La France insoumise et la communicante entretiennent en réalité de longue date, selon nos informations, une relation extra-professionnelle », indique Mediapart.

      « Celle-ci pourrait relever de la seule vie privée des deux intéressés mais prend désormais, à la lueur des investigations judiciaires, une dimension d’intérêt général », ajoutent les journalistes de Mediapart.

      « Si l’enquête devait confirmer le soupçon qui a présidé à son ouverture, cela signifierait que les sommes incriminées perçues par Sophia Chikirou l’auraient été à l’occasion d’une campagne présidentielle dirigée par un homme politique avec lequel elle partage une relation intime régulière », précisent-ils.


      AUG 2018 – Mélenchon in Marseille

    • Jean-Luc Mélenchon, énervé après une question sur sa vie privée

      Le président des Insoumis, Jean-Luc Mélenchon s’est vivement agacé après une question d’un journaliste sur la nature de sa relation avec sa conseillère en communication, Sophia Chikirou.

      “Quelle est la nature de votre relation?”, l’a interrogé le journaliste. “Célibataire!” a répondu le président Insoumis, après avoir expliqué qu’il trouvait la question déplacée.

  2. Anti-corruption raid targeting far-left leader Mélenchon turns violent

    Anti-corruption investigators on Tuesday raided the home and party headquarters of French far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who broadcast the raids live from his mobile phone.

    The raids, part of a long-running investigation into the alleged misuse of European Parliament funds to pay party employees, took place at the offices of La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) in central Paris and Mélenchon’s private residence.

    Shouting “Resistance!”, hundreds of supporters gathered outside the party’s headquarters to protest against the police action.

    Police blocked Mélenchon from entering the premises as the far-left firebrand threatened to break down the door if he was not allowed in.

    “Who gave you these orders?” he demanded a police officer blocking the entrance. “I am a parliamentarian!”

    Amid the scuffle Mélenchon yelled, “I am the Republic.”

    “This is a politically motivated act, it’s an act of political aggression,” Mélenchon said. Amid chaotic scenes outside the building, he slammed a “coup de force” by “politicised” police.

    A source close to the raids, which targeted 15 locations and included another left-wing party, said they were being carried out by a specialist anti-corruption unit that focuses on financial and tax irregularities.

    Two investigations are under way, one looking into the alleged misuse of European Parliament funds to pay party employees in France, and the other examining funding of Mélenchon’s French presidential campaign last year.[…]

    […]Lawmakers elected to the European Parliament are allocated funds to cover expenses, including the running of their offices in Brussels and Strasbourg and assistants’ salaries, but they cannot use the money to pay for party staff at home.

    ‘They will not scare me’

    Mélenchon, 67, frequently denounces President Emmanuel Macron for backing laws favouring the wealthy and right-wing voters.

    A member of the European Parliament from 2009-17, he was eliminated in the first round of the presidential election last year, coming fourth. He said he had nothing to fear from the investigations.

    “I’ve asked for all my campaign accounts to be re-examined,” he said, draped in the red-white-and-blue sash of a member of the French lower house, the National Assembly.

    “I’m not afraid of anyone. These people can invade my house, my party headquarters and my movement, but they will not scare me. We haven’t stolen anything. We are honest,” he added.

    Responding to allegations that Tuesday’s police raids were politically motivated, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe emphasized that the independence of the judiciary is guaranteed by the French constitution.

    “There’s no individual instruction given to the prosecutor,” Philippe said.


    • Anyone else, treating the representatives of the “Authorities” (ie Police and Prosecutors) like Melanchon did (I actually saw one instance where he accused the police to have “members of Marine Le Pen’s party” among them) would have been arrested. If nothing happens to Melenchon because of this blatant attack on the police, then he is either benefiting from his closeness to Islam, or because he holds some unsavoury infos on Macron.

      From Martin’s report:

      “…French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe emphasized that the independence of the judiciary is guaranteed by the French constitution….”

      LOL LOL LOL (it’s called “French Humour”).

      Watch this space.

      JE SUIS LA REPUBLIQUE – he screeched –
      in another video he screeches: MA PERSONNE EST SACRÉE – my person is sacred.

      PS: when the same and WORSE happened to Marine Le Pen, he sneered and sniggered. And, apart from that, I LOATHE him.

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