Cologne: ‘Islamic State Sympathiser’ Takes Hostage, Sets Fires

From Breitbart:

Heavily armed police units deployed to the German city of Cologne Monday after shots were reported to have been fired and a hostage taken at the city’s central rail station.

Travellers were ordered to evacuate the large central station, which sits on Cologne’s Dom Platz beneath the city’s historic cathedral early Monday afternoon.

Update 1700BST: Attacker spoke in Arabic about Islamic State

The Cologne hostage situation is now over, German police have stormed the pharmacy where the alleged attacker is reported to have holed up with a captured woman, having previously attacked a 14-year-old girl with fire at a McDonald’s restaurant.


Cologne’s Express newspaper reports both the hostage and the attacker have been injured. The suspect is reported to have spoken in Arabic about the Islamic State.

MissPiggy translated the following news video from the scene:

DW confirms it was a Syrian Asylum seeker:


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  1. Germany: Police not ruling out ‘terror’ motive in Cologne hostage situation

    German police are not ruling out a possible “terror” attack, officials announced at a press conference in Berlin on Monday, following a hostage situation in the main train station in the city of Cologne.

    SOT, Miriam Brauns, Assistant Director of Cologne Police Headquarters (German): “We are investigating in all directions and not ruling out a possible terror attack.”

    SOT, Klaus Rueschenschmidt, Chief Officer (German): “At 12:42 we received a report about this situation happening in a fast-food restaurant at Cologne central station. To our current knowledge, the suspect allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail into the restaurant area. As a result, a 14 year-old girl was injured – she suffered burns. At the moment she is in a hospital.”

    SOT, Klaus Rueschenschmidt, Chief Officer (German): “After that the fire sprinkler system was activated in the restaurant. This was one of the reasons why the suspect left the restaurant and fled to a pharmacy located on the opposite side of the central station, where he took a person hostage. While entering that pharmacy he allegedly said, according to witnesses, that he belonged to the terrorist group DAESH.”

    SOT, Klaus Ruschenschmidt, Chief Officer (German): “He blockaded – together with the hostage – in the back part of the pharmacy. We couldn’t see what was happening there from outside. To our current knowledge, he had a fire accelerant and gas cartridges with him.”

    SOT, Klaus-Stephan Becker, Head of Crime Department (German): “As for the suspect, I cannot provide you with accurate information at the moment. However, in the back part of the pharmacy, where the suspect was holding his hostage, we discovered an ID. That was a residence permit issued in Cologne for a 55 year-old citizen of Syria who received a toleration status until the middle of 2021. We can’t say with absolute certainty that this ID belongs to the person who is receiving an emergency surgery at university hospital at the moment. There is a certain probability of that, but we’re still lacking an absolute certainty.”

    SOT, Klaus-Stephan Becker, Head of Crime Department (German): “The suspect hasn’t so far been known to police as an active subject in the context of Islamist terrorism, but this person gave tip-offs to the police, as an informant, that caused us to initiate a probe over Islamism with regard to another person, namely the one mentioned by the suspect.”

    SOT, Klaus Rueschenschmidt, Chief Officer (German): “To our current knowledge, the suspect made several demands, including free retreat, return of his suitcase and a travel bag left in the fast-food restaurants as well as the release of a Tunisian woman. We don’t know more details for the moment.”

  2. Cologne: ‘Islamic State Sympathiser’ Takes Hostage, Sets Fires

    Some Muslim men simply refuse to avoid going heavy on the Cologne.

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