Ladies and Gentlemen, Canada’s Minister of foreign affairs on ISIS terrrorists

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3 Replies to “Ladies and Gentlemen, Canada’s Minister of foreign affairs on ISIS terrrorists”

  1. Liberals/progressives/communists cannot utilize English. This would require them to convey accurate information rather than disguise their intent and seek to distort information to twist the facts. Hence Newspeak. Utilize in the best police states by tyrants the world over and especially in academia and certain political parties, as well as courtrooms.

  2. As I watched the ISIS video of them burning the Jordanian pilot alive and then covering his burning corpse with refuse I knew for certain that the right thing to do with people who joined ISIS is to catch them, try them, and then hang them by the neck until they are dead – every single one of them. Concentration camp guards did not necessarily “volunteer” to do what they were ordered to do but ISIS have their eyes open from before they even get there – they do not have the “I was just following orders” excuse; their murder is entirely premeditated and eagerly looked-forward-too because ISIS are all serial killers who volunteered to commit crimes against humanity. They volunteered!

    This Liberal minister is living in a magical Lisa Simpson Girly-world of unicorns and fairies and peace-at-any-cost girliness. She should be organizing lunches at a day-care center and leave the tough stuff to the adults because she is simply not tough enough to deal with the real world…

    Every single evil psychopathic bastard who volunteered for ISIS should be hanged in public, not twelve years from now but as soon as a scaffold comes free from hanging the last evil psychopathic ISIS bastard. That’s what they did with the worst of the Nazis…

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