Man wins world championship in women’s cycling

I only know two things about feminism.

1. It’s a front for cultural Marxism.

2. It really, really hates women.

Not sure what stops an athletic male from entering and winning children’s competitions of various kinds.

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11 Replies to “Man wins world championship in women’s cycling”

  1. There is no way the future generations will ever think of this time as being normal, and they will wonder why the sane people put up with it.

  2. It’s hysterical! It shows how no matter how hard women try, men beat them at everything. Even in beauty contests, feminized men win over women. Or should that be real women? But men can think they’re real women so they’re real women….arrgh.!!!

  3. The women with hxm look so happy. (There is something about destroying the soul of a man).

    This Foundation of Sex. Spread to every Western Nursery.

    The sub and the lie and the Life.

  4. 2. It really, really hates women.

    Quelle surprise! Supposedly, Marxism is all about “means of production”.

    What the Cultural Marxists will never admit is how totally hopeless it is to attempt any permanent control of the means of reproduction. Communist China is a prime example of what happens when childbearing falls within the purview of government.

    The “empowerment” that Feminism has putatively bestowed upon womanhood in general is of such dubious value that its open debate would benefit all adults, irrespective of gender. Small wonder that Liberals are frantically struggling to maximize the gender “spectrum” before Common Sense® mysteriously (to them, at least) regains popularity.

    • With respect, the “means of production” stuff has been out of date with the socialists for years now since the “Working man” just isn’t unhappy enough to lead their revolution. The face of socialism is now “internationalism” or “Third Worldism” with the money coming from taxes and from the multi-trillion-dollar “International Climate Change Fund” that they are determined to see develop. It’s not the oppressed worker against the bosses anymore, it’s the oppressed races against the Colonialist white oppressors now. They want to see a repeat of what is happening now in South Africa in every “white” country on earth. And they want the world run by one big corrupt piece of shit like the United Nations. Brilliant!

  5. Quote:” Dr. Rachel McKinnon? @rachelvmckinnon · Oct 14
    I’m an internationally recognized expert on the science and “ethics”(sic!) of transgender inclusion in sport.
    I go deeply into detail on the most cutting edge research we have, and I focus on the human rights framework established in the Olympic Charter”

    Sounds like it has it all sewn up (metaphorically). I once had pity for the genuine ones (that really minuscule minority who were trapped) but now contempt is all that I feel. Sport cheating by males pretending to be females is disgusting. By demanding ludicrous acceptance of extreme stupidity or political identity politics all they have succeeded in doing is alienating so many who never really had any dislikes or bias. They are fostering hatred and non acceptance.

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