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2 Replies to “Raddison hotel East Toronto”

  1. I was feeling ill watching them tour the Radisson in Toronto – particularly when they touched the door handles to move from one area to another …then handling their personal phone cameras after illustrating the feces and unidentifiable stains on the walls..

  2. So this is what we’re getting with Trudeau–the dregs of humanity in the name of diversity and inclusion. He should take his own wife and children there and spend a few nights with the shit-stained walls and smells. He should be forced to go to management and beg for his money back while his wife tries to find another hotel at the last minute on her cell phone. He should be made to drag his wife and kids around Toronto (which many people hate) just like normal people would. No security. No police. No priviledge.

    He should be made to eat cake.

    What a pity this country has become.

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