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One Reply to “From Tommy’s own YT channel: Crushing a crowd of ANTIFA thug-wannabes”

  1. It was great to watch the ridiculing of those stupid kids. But if Tommy wants to be taken seriously he has to avoid this kind of street-level brawler image. He is already disadvantaged by his hard Luton speaking style, and along with this confrontational behaviour, it feeds the football hooligan stereotype that the Left and the media is looking to exploit. Paul Weston and Nigel Farage are great examples of how to do it in a classy way, the dead opposite of Tommy as seen by the casual uninformed observer. The uninformed are the main targets here. Let’s not discourage them from listening to the message.
    Tommy needs to stay aloof from vulgar encounters and advance the cause by other more subtle means. Debate, peaceful protest, and as much positive media exposure as possible.

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