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7 Replies to “Lord of the Flies”

  1. One of these days the mob is going to push up against the wrong old man, if did once in the 1960s.

    Rex Applegate was during WWII once of the worlds top self defense experts, in the late 60s he was fat and walking with a cane. (Rex Applegate litterly wrote the book about self defense and spent all of WWII either killing people or teaching others how to kill people.) One day he was limping down the sidewalk headed to a store and two punks tried to mug him, in less the 5 seconds using the cane he put both on the ground unconscious. He then calmly walked on to the store.

    Like I said one of these days the punks are going to run up against the wrong old man.

  2. The dance-around
    Will you see where the fist will come?
    A roundhouse kick from turned-down thumb
    “I’m in your face and now I’m gone.”
    Marxist’s dance-around
    Not Islam’s grope-around
    Or Sodom’s reach-around.

    A man is in a coma after a bulldog bit off his genitals.

    The incident happened in a flat on Haddington’s High Street, in East Lothian, at around 2.30pm on Sunday.

    “Emergency services discovered the victim unconscious in a pool of blood, and it is believed the he has lost his penis and both testicles”

    Seems a fitting outcome for them all.

    Victim-Therapy for the dog, please.

    • Dogs instinctively know those who need a sex-change:

      No consultancy fee. No highly paid Marxists to carry out the operations on govenment funds.

      Sadly, the phobia of dogs will give you privileges.

      Smack The Pony, once a euphormism for female masturbation, is becoming a literal way of life to own a submissive, non judgemental mini-horse, to be chopped up and sold to the next French village when dispensed with, a status symbol or a marriage companion.


      Outrage tolerates submission.

  3. I’ll cross-post my comment from the original publication of this article:

    There are few better indicators of moral and philosophical fragility than an inability to withstand differing opinions. This ideological monoculture being blatted about by Western Leftists belies their Liberalism and puts to the torch any notions of tolerance or broadmindedness.

    Speaking of charity, few people outside of Silicon Valley may be aware of how local tech titans have one of the very crappiest (per capita income) track records in terms of donating to nonpartisan causes that actually help people, instead of merely furthering their own personal political agendas.

    Consider that for years, San Jose was home to “ The Jungle“. This homeless encampment, in the heart of Silicon Valley only was shut down after federal EPA officials threatened to sue the municipality for damage to Coyote Creek’s sensitive riparian environment that bordered one edge of this sprawling pigsty. From the 2013 article’s link:

    The Jungle is the largest of many Silicon Valley homeless encampments, and the 65 acres bordering Coyote Creek in San Jose can be home to up to 175 people at a time.

    It is the largest homeless encampment in the continental United States.

    From kids to convicts to moms and dads and the mentally ill, The Jungle is a desperate mix of people out of whatever options they might have once had.

    NOTE: This piece is well worth reading as it lays bare the miserly, money-grubbing lack of concern demonstrated by high tech. Buried in the article is an informative map showing the jungle’s proximity to a solid dozen of the world’s biggest and richest tech companies.

    At present, California is home to ONE QUARTER of America’s homeless population. Yet, while awash in billionaires, Silicon Valley is somehow unable to adequately address this (admittedly difficult-to-solve) problem.

    For a glimpse of what awaits down the road for San Jose, yust look at tourist-dependent San Francisco and their frantic efforts to dodge the intensely negative optics being caused by their own massive homeless population.

    Until these ultra-rich mega corporations step up to the plate and begin swinging for the fences, they merely will continue to accelerate gentrification with its skyrocketing rents, steeply rising property values, and the continued expulsion of longtime local residents onto the streets.

    At present, there is no happy ending and if San Francisco’s proposal to tax wealthy companies—as part of increasing assistance to the homeless—is any indicator, most of the Bay Area is in for a major patch of rough political sledding.

    Survey finds trash, needles, feces on San Francisco streets:

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