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9 Replies to “A debate on the petition by Lengsfeld and Broder for the restoration of Germany’s borders”

  1. Thank you for the laborious translation. By “Promotion” Broder meant not advertising, but doctorate, which is strangely called in Germany. I can’t believe the arrogance and paternalism with which these guys, who are not even half as old as Henryk and Vera, appear opposite them, the descendants of Holocaust survivors and victims of the Stasi terror. Pure harassment. But it shows who the true enemies of the German people are. The filmmaker was not very professional, he repeatedly cut the same passages together.


  2. The head of the Stasi memorial in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, Hubertus Knabe, has been dismissed. Klaus Lederer chairs the committee responsible for this. He is a leading party member of the repeatedly renamed SED, which now operates under the name “Die Linke”.

    The previous director of the Stasi memorial site in the former Stasi prison in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, Hubertus Knabe, was a thorn in the side of the red-red-green senate – and especially of the members of the repeatedly renamed SED. There were many ways of trying to get rid of Hubertus Knabe. Among other things, an alleged proximity to the AfD was launched. But above all Knabe’s commitment to prevention work against left-wing extremism caught the political left-winger’s eye. That’s why they were looking for a pretext to get rid of it.

    This opportunity now seemed to be given, because Knabe’s deputy Helmuth Frauendorfer could not keep his fingers (and possibly other body parts as well) off the employees in the memorial. But Knabe reacted immediately after these attacks became known and granted Frauendorfer leave. Klaus Lederer, his sign senator for culture and member of the post-communists, now apparently saw the opportunity to saw off the disagreeable Hubertus Knabe.

    This Berlin Senator of Culture is one of the people who signed an obituary commemorating the death of former Stasi chief Markus Wolf. Among other things, it read: “We mourn our friend and comrade, a quarrelsome fighter who walked straight through his life”.

    So someone considers one of the initiators of the injustice regime of the SED and the Stasi as a friend and sits today in the Berlin Senate. And in a position that may decide on the reappraisal (or in this case rather cover-up) of the actions of the regime at that time. It is a narrow path between irony and madness.


  3. The madness goes on. It was Gregor Gysi, says Vera Lengsfeld, who prevented the dissolution of the SED and renamed it instead, again and again. Thus the stolen party assets of 22 billion dollars, which the communists still use today against the democratic constitutional state to bring it down, are preserved.

  4. Mr. Sarrazin is currently in Switzerland for a reading tour, e.g. with Roger Köppel from the Weltwoche in the Samsung Hall, to which Steve Bannon had also been invited by Köppel.


    Sarrazin’s latest interview with a Swiss creep named Gilli is particularly remarkable because of the malice of the perfidious questioner, who can’t bend a hair on Sarrazin because Gilli is always completely refuted by Sarrazin’s reason and iron prudence.


    Apparently this was the third encounter between the two opponents.

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