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3 Replies to “Senate Doxxer Jackson Cosko Held Without Bond – Deemed Too Dangerous to Release”

  1. and no one noticed or ever thought to test him for drug use? And he worked for Sheila J Lee who just happened to pass that envelope to Abromovich? Maybe she was hiring him for her intern?

    • Without a doubt the vast majority of Dems in Congress are on Soro’s payroll and Lee is one that is the most open about it. The problem is that the cops have to have a lot of evidence before they can open an investigation into a member of Congress.

  2. This is exactly what needed to happen. Make it painful to be in the pay of the Soros brigade… even if it just discourages the small fry. The big guns can’t do nearly as much damage without their collaborators, er, I mean cooperative staffers.

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