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7 Replies to “Jewish group forms WITHIN Germany’s AFD”

  1. The man left out one important thing about the Jews from Eastern Europe, they have had experience with Socilism and want nothing to do with anymore socialism.

  2. The AFD is a force to be reckoned with. German Jews must be in it. You want to experience anti-Semitism outside of power, or within it? You’ll get it either way.

  3. I wonder if the General who is predicting the destruction of the German nation and culture within 2 generations is taking the AfD in consideration when he makes his calculations?

  4. The first two Jewish blokes in the video are with the head on their shoulders. The last two are blind and don’t want to see the reality dawning upon them and their children (if they have any). Soviet-grown people, in 99,9% of cases are straightforward and they are not afraid to say things like they are. DW managed to find two shills who oppose the common sense,

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