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4 Replies to “Machete attack, Barcelona Spain”

  1. I don’t know what I would have done in that situation, but I pray to God that it would be to walk by and pretend that nothing happened.

    • That old couple at 0:35 walked by completely unfazed, ignoring the bare-chested, sabre-wielding Tcharmil (yup, pretty sure he’s Moroccan) and his victim lying in a pool of blood, squealing like a pig and mumbling Allahu Ackbar. Nothing to see here, just yer everyday North-African coke dealers’ turf war.
      The other North-African checking his phone without a care in the world was a nice touch too. It’s a microcosm of these people’s mentality.

  2. Imagine the howling and outrage if these same terrorist bastards were handed back an identical serving of their own “chop suey”. You’d hear it clear across the pond.

    • I agree, and keep in mind this happens in Morocco every day. Just search “tcharmil” on youtube.
      I’d call them gangsters not terrorists, or even just (junkie) street punks. But they easily cross over into terrorism, we’ve seen that many times before. And there are plenty of recruiters in Catalonia, it’s a jihadi hub.

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