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  1. OIC calls for end to hate campaigns against Islam (dawn, Sep 29, 2018)

    “The foreign ministers of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member countries adopted a strongly worded statement — sponsored by Pakistan and Turkey — denouncing the increasing attacks on Islam, its revered personalities and symbols, and called for an immediate end to such campaigns.

    The ministers met on Friday on the margins of the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly being held in New York.

    Speaking at the meeting, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed deep concern over the misrepresentation of Islam as well as at the activities that have hurt the feelings of Muslims all over the world, especially the disrespect shown to the most revered personality of Islam.

    In the statement, which was approved by the ministerial meeting, serious concern was expressed on the intensification of hate campaigns which were deliberately targeting Muslims and the Islamic religious symbols.

    The joint statement rejected provocative acts like the holding of the caricature contest to ridicule Islam, “which was clearly aimed at inciting violence”.

    Ever since the competition was announced, Pakistan raised the issue at the diplomatic level with the United Nations, OIC, and European Union and sensitised world leaders.

    Foreign Minister Qureshi wrote to the OIC Secretary-General, the UN Secretary-General, the Dutch foreign minister and foreign ministers of Islamic countries to jointly act against Islamophobic acts.

    Pakistan also requested the convening of an emergency session of the OIC Executive Committee to take stock of the situation arising from the acts denigrating Islam.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan on assuming office expressed serious concern regarding this issue during his very first cabinet meeting. The cabinet adopted a resolution condemning the campaign of ridiculing Islam.

    Later, both houses of the parliament also adopted resolutions, calling for halting such activities. PM Khan had assured the parliament that matter will be raised during the OIC Ministerial Meeting in New York.

    In his bilateral meetings in New York, Foreign Minister Qureshi expressed serious concern at the alarming rise in defamatory activities which were hurting the sensibilities of the Muslims.

    He affirmed that freedom of expression comes with concomitant responsibilities, and should be exercised keeping in view the ethical, moral and legal obligations.

    The statement takes notes of the important resolutions adopted by the OIC, the UN Human Rights Council and the UNGA condemning attacks on Islam, combating intolerance, negative stereotyping and stigmatisation and discrimination, and incitement to violence against persons based on religion and belief.

    In particular, the statement points to various steps proposed by the OIC to foster an environment of peace, religious tolerance and respect as well as measures to be taken by the states in their domestic sphere.

    The statement is said to be in line with the government’s commitment to play its role in garnering support through OIC’s joint action, building solidarity and unity among Muslim countries, standing united for the common cause of upholding the values of Islam, and engaging with other countries to promote a culture of peace and tolerance.”

    • And how about the worldwide murder of non muslims,their barbaric practices,and their Islamic supremacy,thier refusal to respect their host countries laws,and their incessant threats if western people do not immediately give them what they demand,all the while living for free off the backs of hard working Europeans,raping our children,and denigrating our societies?

  2. CNN – If elected, they would vote to impeach Trump

    US congressional candidates Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) say if they were elected to Congress, they would vote to impeach President Trump.

  3. BREITBART – Transgender Man Used Massachusetts Gender Law to Force Women to Wax His Genitals

    A biological man who claims to identify as a woman filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to use the state’s gender identity law to force a female-oriented spa to wax the area around his genitals.
    The man demanded that the South Shore spa provide him with a “full Brazilian” wax and other beauty services under the state’s gender identity law, reports the New Boston Post.

    The complainant claimed other spas in Braintree and Quincy also refused to service him because, he stated, they “said I was not really a woman because I had a penis.”

    He reportedly said he is “a very desirable customer” because he tips well.

    The man, whose name is reportedly blacked out in documents from the Attorney General’s Office, filed the complaint in December and then withdrew it in January, citing a desire to obtain another lawyer.

    According to the news account, the complainant told the Attorney General’s Office he received advice in drafting his complaint from Mason Dunn, co-chairman of the Freedom Massachusetts Coalition, who is leading the campaign to approve a statewide referendum on a statute that designates gender identity as a special protected class in public accommodations.

    In July 2016, Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, signed into law a bill dubbed the Bathroom Law; it gives special class protections to gender identity in public accommodations. In November, Massachusetts voters will be asked to either undo the gender identity class protection for public accommodations or retain it.

    “The Yes on 3 campaign is focused on preventing discrimination and harassment of transgender people in all public places,” Dunn, who is also executive director of Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition, said. “We all care about safety and privacy and nothing about the transgender nondiscrimination law puts anyone at risk. This law is about upholding dignity and respect for transgender people and that’s why we’re voting Yes on 3.”

    However, Chanel Prunier, executive director of the Renew Massachusetts Coalition, said the law places women in the beauty services industry at risk.

    “No law should force a woman to touch a man in a place she doesn’t feel comfortable, and she shouldn’t be forced to choose between her livelihood and touching the genitals of someone she doesn’t want to touch,” she added. “This law goes way too far and should be repealed”:

    Massachusetts Family Institute is also opposing the law.

    Andrew Beckwith, the group’s president, said in a blog post, “What’s even worse, under the gender identity law we are working so hard to repeal, this man has the legal right to that ‘service’ and to receive that service from women against their will.”

    Beckwith said given that Dunn helped the man with his complaint, it is “now undeniable that the activists promoting this law fully intend to use it to force women to do things against their will with male bodies.”

    The New Boston Post reported that Lucas Newbill, a Massachusetts civil rights attorney with no connection to the beauty spa case, said beauty salons are places of public accommodation under the statute.

    “The complainant made it clear that the nail salon was happy to treat the client … except with regards to the Brazilian wax,” Newbill told the Post. “This is a restriction in treatment that the complainant could reasonably argue violates her civil rights as protected under § 98.”

    “The nail salon might argue, however, that this is not a restriction in treatment because they simply don’t offer the service of waxing a person’s scrotum, whether on the body of one who identifies as a woman or a man,” the lawyer added. “Additionally, for the state to require anyone to touch a scrotum or penis, which is what application of § 98 could be interpreted to require in this situation, raises civil rights questions of its own.”

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