19-year-old asylum seeker goes on random attack spree in Germany

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A man injured three people with a knife in the center of Ravensburg in the Lake Constance region. But what are the reasons behind the deed?

Update from 28.09.2018, 22:30 clock: Alleged perpetrator is a 19-year-old asylum seeker

The motive of the offender is still completely unclear in the evening, as the investigators emphasize. One excludes a terrorist background first, says a police spokesman. The alleged perpetrator is a 19-year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan. The victims are two 19 and 20-year-old asylum seekers from Syria and a 52-year-old German, as police and prosecutors announced late in the evening.


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  1. Let’s all hope this stabby little sonofabuck at least had sufficient courtesy to use a Wusthof or Henckels blade on his German victims.

  2. Daily Mail – Terrifying moment attacker brandishes a knife in a German town square after stabbing three victims and leaving one with ‘life threatening injuries’

    The man was said to have been armed with a ‘kitchen knife’ as he stabbed three
    One person was said to have received ‘life-threatening injuries’ in the attack
    Police have cordoned off the square in Ravensburg and arrested the suspect


  3. The “suspect”, if he makes it to court rather than a mental hospital, will be given a derisory sentence – four or five years in jail, say, out after half of that and free to roam again. UGGGHHH.

  4. Anybody know what’s happening around 0:40, are they fighting with the attacker? Or pushing nosy bystanders?
    What’s the foreign language used at 0:45,Pashto maybe? The first word sounds like “Hurensohn” to me, which is German for son of a whore.
    Why is nobody applying first aid to the guy at 1:00? There are uniformed guys standing close by (1:25) and they don’t do anything. I understand that they have to keep the perp down, but one of them could at least have a look, right? So wtf is going on?
    Merkel should start subsidizing first aid courses, the Germans are going to need it.

    • Hi Fred, yes, you’re right. I hear it now. “son of a bitch” and then something foreign. I agree with the first aid courses.


    Remember the rival gang beating a kid they pulled from underneath a car in France? The aftermath:

    “The 16-year-old who was almost beaten to death after a brawl between rival gangs had 68 stitches and 2 heart attacks. He will be disfigured (disfigured head and his eyes almost out of orbits) for life for a story of rival neighborhoods.

    The wars between rival neighborhoods are daily in France, the individuals present in these social projects are ready for anything, shootings, stabbing, beating to death.

    This took place in Garge les Gonesses, in the suburbs of Paris.

    Stop saying that the took place in Paris, this city is located more than 40 minutes from Paris. The most dangerous cities in France are located in the Parisian suburbs.”


  6. A few hours later after the knife attacks in Ravensburg: A Syrian attacks three senior women and seriously injures them.–
    Brutal scenes took place on Friday evening in the Vienna district of Alsergrund: A 41-year-old Syrian first attacked three women aged 65, 67 and 75 at a tram stop and injured them, sometimes severely, before he began to riot a little later in a street and smashed windows. In the Fluchtgasse street the police put an end to the aggressive doings of the suspect, after the use of pepper spray the raging could be overwhelmed. First the 41 years old Syrian had begun to rage apparently in the Währinger street. At a stop he suddenly attacked three women with fists and hit them. The victims all went to the ground, suffered kicks and were sometimes seriously injured. The police reported, for example, concussions, bruises and haematomas. Then the attacker fled, apparently to freak out again in Pichlergasse street. He smashed several panes of glass into the street and sustained serious injuries, according to the executive, but this did not stop the suspect from raving in the Fluchtgasse street. When he threatened several passers-by there again with fists, the police were finally alerted. Only a short time later, officers arrived on the scene. But the perpetrator also went after the policemen, tried to attack them and shouted loudly in Arabic, so the operation did not go unnoticed for long: The raging man as well as the appearance of the officers “caused a great stir, whereby several filming and photographing onlookers had to be directed away from the scene”, as the National Police Headquarters reported. With reinforcements, the police finally managed, with the help of pepper spray, to overwhelm and arrest the suspect. Due to his injuries, the Syrian had to be admitted to hospital first. He is now under constant surveillance, according to the police.After his release from hospital, he was transferred to pre-trial detention. The 41-year-old was charged with grievous bodily harm, resistance to state authority and damage to property.

  7. BREITBART – Germany: Call for ‘Unity’ After Afghan Migrant Stabs Three in Town Centre

    The state minister for integration has warned Germans against the “hatred and malice” of anyone who might draw political conclusions after an Afghan migrant stabbed three people in Ravensburg town centre.

    A 21-year-old asylum seeker was taken into custody on Friday following the broad daylight attack in the Baden-Wuerttemberg town, which saw the migrant stab two passers-by at a bus stop before knifing a 52-year-old who tried to stop him with a restaurant chair several times.

    Two Syrian asylum seekers aged 19 and 20 and a German were rushed to hospital, with one of the three having suffered life-threatening injuries, according to police.

    Prosecutors said the suspect, who was previously reported to be 19-years-old, was suffering from mental illness and has been taken to a psychiatric facility, and revealed that the background of the attack was thought to be a workplace dispute.

    Local media reports that the Afghan “had intended to settle this conflict with a colleague” on Friday afternoon in the town centre, but decided to attack random pedestrians when he didn’t show up.

    Appealing for citizens to “stand together now”, Baden-Wuerttemberg integration minister Manne Lucha claimed he was shocked that such violence had taken place in Ravensburg.

    “It goes without saying that the perpetrator will be held accountable with every means available to us … and, at the same time we will not let up in our continuing integration efforts across this city and beyond,” the Green politician said.

    But he added: “We will not allow ourselves to be divided by people who would abuse this terrible act for political purposes by spewing hatred and malice on all of us who stand up for unity in this city.”

    Lucha also thanked Ravensburg’s town mayor, Daniel Rapp, who — in an unusual turn of events — had been the one who apprehended the suspect on Friday afternoon, as he happened to be in the area.

    “I just happened to be around … and suddenly the culprit was standing in front of me with a bloody knife and threatening me,” Rapp said, telling news agency dpa he “told him he should put the knife on the floor”.


  8. BREITBART – Afghan Asylum Seeker Who Stabbed Three in Germany Has ‘Psychiatric Illness’, May Be Found Not Culpable

    A 21-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who stabbed three in Ravensburg town centre has been taken to a psychiatric facility, with officials saying he may not be found culpable for his actions due to mental illness.

    The asylum seeker, originally thought to have been 19, was detained on Friday after the knife attack but under a “housing warrant” rather than an arrest warrant, and was taken to a psychiatric facility, Die Welt reports.

    Assessors told police the Afghan suffers from what the German daily reported as a “profound psychiatric illness” and has been an in-patient at mental health facilities several times.

    The assessors also estimate that his diminished responsibility will mean that his liability for guilt for the stabbing attack is either reduced or could be completely ruled out.

    According to the public prosecutor’s office, the defendant, who has been in Germany since 2016, had invited a work colleague to Marienplatz to confront him over alleged teasing, taking a large kitchen knife with him in the morning to the town centre.

    When his colleague did not come, the man “suddenly and as part of a psychotic experience” stabbed two Syrian asylum seekers, according to attorney Karl-Josef Diehl.

    He then attacked, but failed to injure, another man before stabbing a 52-year-old German who had tried to subdue him with a chair outside a restaurant before he laid down his bloodied knife at the request of the town’s mayor, Daniel Rapp, who was nearby at the time of the incident.

    In the immediate aftermath, the state minister for integration for Baden-Wuerttemberg Manne Lucha appealed to citizens to “stand together now” and to not be “divided by people who would abuse this terrible act for political purposes by spewing hatred and malice on all of us who stand up for unity in this city”.

    This is not the first time that an attack or violent crime committed by a migrant in Germany has been attributed to mental illness.

    In July 2017, police blamed mental illness for a knife attack by a failed asylum seeker from the Palestinian territories who stabbed to death one and injured six others at a Hamburg supermarket. The man had screamed “Allahu Akbar” during the attack and told police that he wanted to be a terrorist.

    In the same year in Norway, an asylum seeker from Somalia received a lighter sentence for raping a woman in the garage at Oslo airport because he had a documented mental illness — but not before he was assessed by a psychiatrist immediately after the arrest to see if he were also “psychotic” and was monitored for a further four days before being deemed “normal” by one therapist.


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