EU Article 11 & 13, much more sinister than incompetence

Today, Europe Lost The Internet. Now, We Fight Back.

Today, in a vote that split almost every major EU party, Members of the European Parliament adopted every terrible proposal in the new Copyright Directive and rejected every good one, setting the stage for mass, automated

surveillance and arbitrary censorship of the internet: text messages like tweets and Facebook updates; photos; videos; audio; software code — any and all media that can be copyrighted.


Three proposals passed the European Parliament, each of them catastrophic for free expression, privacy, and the arts:

1. Article 13: the Copyright Filters. All but the smallest platforms will have to defensively adopt copyright filters that examine everything you post and censor anything judged to be a copyright infringement. […]

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16 Replies to “EU Article 11 & 13, much more sinister than incompetence”

  1. Isn’t he just such a funny character , Juncker ? A short while ago he anounced the abolishment of the daylight savings time in Europe , because the eu had asked the people and the people didn’t want it ; you cant ask the people and then not act according to its whishes , he said . Thats probably why the Europeans only rarely are being asked by the eu about anything . While everyone was rejoycing about this great achievement , after all it almost looked as if the head of the eu had discovered democracy , they were powering on with their efforts to protect copyrights , laying low , just barely under the radar . Because its all about copyrights , you know , just ask the politicians and corporations who express their happiness with the outcome of the vote . Sad to say globalist schemers and scamsters got their way with the help of a bunch of scumbags in the eu-parlament .
    I hope this gets all the publicity it can in the (free?) world . Spread the word about the doings of the eu .Share anything you can dig up on the puppet-masters . Be the media , now more than ever .

    • I don’t know when it will hit just that it will and will be very bad for all blogs. This is a semi short circuit around the First Amendment and the left will jump on it as soon as this penetrates their little brains.

    • F***Book, Twits-Stasi, Bezos-CIA, CNN-DeepState.
      And their counterparts around the world.

      PTrump has to find a way to _rectify_ these _sinister_ kinks. They’re a more immediate threat to our way of life than nukes in NorK or resurgent al-Qaeda and its metastases.

      Garbage proliferates in stagnant echo chambers and conspiracy theories fill the space where we expect to find facts reported. The result is circular firing squads, splitter strategies that provoke dissension just when unity is most urgent.

      PTrump has to move fast. Midterms, 2020.
      Nobody else is gonna do it. I know I sound melodramatic, but I truly believe the “free world” hangs in the balance.

      • “…garbage proliferates in stagnant echo chambers…”

        You’re so right, Yucki. Imagine the mindless, leftists idealogues when all they have is eachother to whip them into a frenzy?

        Somewhere we’ve seen that song and dance before.

    • Because the disarming, then the increased surveillance and the control it allows is the primary aim of the globalists with the muslim invasion simply the organized excuse. They see the illegals and most of the people of the EU as becoming their serfs (and internal passports will arrive eventually to enforce this), there to work and serve their interests but never to sit at their table as like the aristocracy of old that gate will be permanently shut and third world living standards will descend upon every who is not a member of one of the families. They do not care about the rapes and murders of the serfs and they will actually encourage it as sport for their spoilt children to further dehumanize the expendables in their plans to keep the best of Earth for themselves. IMO this is organized totally by them and not just an accident the benefits of which they are reaping. Within a 100 years 99% of the planet will be third world and probably starving.

          • We have to set up communications links on alternative social sites, if we can do that we will cause the big ones to lose customers and power.

            Note “we” have to do it, anything anyone in the government does will bounce back to hurt us the next time the Dems are in control.

            • We might not have the luxury of “druthers”.

              They’re not _fit_ to take control, won’t be till our institutions are deloused, refurbished.

              I don’t see a peaceful transfer of power any more than THEY do, at this point.

              So I’m a fascist. Fine, so be it.

              • What I see: 1) violence is highly probable after (maybe) before the midterms, definitely before the 2020 election. The left is losing their hold on the useful idiots and are desperate to regain power. They have destroyed the rule of law in the US and the trust in the rule of law was what made a peaceful exchange of power occur. It will take many decades to restore the publics trust in the rule of law and to re-establish the peaceful exchange of power.

    • IMO we seem like king Canute but to continue to strive and to hope that common sense and courage win in the end is all many of us have. The West needs dire action and soon as the globalist cesspool is rising. I now see the left as like muslims useful idiot tools as both agendas distract.

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