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3 Replies to “French MINISTER OF EDUCATION wants Arabic taught to ALL”

  1. I’ll re-post my comment from last night:

    This is pure hysteria-mongering. France has its own Académie Francaise that will invent new French words as necessary in order to prevent any ubiquity of Franglais in the press or media. Publishers actually can be fined for using le bulldozer and other “borrowed” words (regardless of national origin) in mass media.

    In several ways it will be rather amusing to see all of these once semi-nomadic “immigrants” slam into a millennia of carefully crafted Frankish culture. Let the games begin!

    In closing, France’s intricate culture or language being hijacked isn’t my central concern. It’s the eventual custody or confiscation of that nation’s nuclear arsenal wot really grinds my gears.

    • To the extent the language is preserved, it’ll be an archaic curiosity, studied in college classes like today’s Old French. This’ll be Old French-II.

      Modern Spanish is a lot closer to early Castilian than Modern French is to Old French. The latter has to be studied as a cognate-language for today’s French speakers to understand the early epic poetry.

      The Cantar de Mio Cid is much less of a stretch for contemporary speakers of Castilian. Or so says the Real Academia Española.

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