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9 Replies to “On ‘hunting’ migrants, Nazis and media bias from the left”

  1. WATCH: Arab serial offender killed in Berlin Neukölln district – police fear revenge acts by Arabs–
    Are the conflicts between the extended Arab families in Berlin now escalating? On Sunday evening, a man was shot down on the eastern edge of the Tempelhof field.According to the daily Tagesspiegel, the victim was Nidal R., a member of the major criminal clans in Berlin. Several shots are said to have been fired at R., he was hit three times, it was said: twice on the arm, once on the chest. The paramedics had to initiate resuscitation measures – in vain, he was said to have died of serious injuries in the evening. This was later confirmed by the police themselves.

  2. OT/ Here, because it’s a fresh start, make this new year a good one.
    Why? Because it’s 5779…?

    My friends at Vlad Tepes,
    notyou, you lurking Stasi…
    May you and your dear ones be inscribed for a good and sweet New Year.
    ! Shana Tovah u’Metuka !

  3. Again, in the interview, if one opposes the Left’s insanity, one is “divisive” and “dividing the nation”. Let’s remember that the Left wanted to “replace” all those opposed to their views even before they knew the Left wanted to “replace” them. Of course, by “replace” they mean by Muhammadan means, violence, murder and rape.

  4. Shana Tova!

    Again, the left circles the wagons. They lie in your face and stab you in the back. Or they hope that the Mohammedans will do it for them.

    No more of that. The time for talking is over. This cannot be resolved without bloodshed.

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