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4 Replies to “Here is some hypocritical BS from the authorities in London”

  1. Cressida Dickless (apols to puritans) strikes again. She is the epitome of what is really wrong with the UK, elected to the job because of her sex and so far out of her depth that she hasn’t a clue but she does know the rhetoric. She is an insult to intelligent women everywhere and a perfect leftist icon of incompetent stupidity. Hard not to cringe. May and her minions had better go soon.

  2. That woman is a disgrace! What a joke she’s either a subversive Islamist or completely incompetaent. Either way that police chief mus be sacked asap!

  3. I can’t look at that woman without recalling that she ordered the death of an innocent man. Yet she seems to live life according to the rule ‘I must never upset anyone.’ The police farce, indeed.

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