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4 Replies to “Peter Hahne, former editor at Left wing, ZDF speaks reason to Marxism”

  1. Remember when journalists sounded like this?

    Yes. But, then again,I was listening to them on our short-wave S40A Hallicrafters. As an ongoing mystery, all of my relatives (i.e., aunts and uncles) received identical models.

    None of which seemed strange until yust a few years ago when I began linking missing firearms, odd NATO connections, and an éminence grise in our young lives that was (more than likely) part of his being a Behind-the Iron-Curtain spy.

    Bit of fun, eh?

    … speaks reason to Marxism …

    G’wan, geddouddahear … we both knows such a thank just ain’t posscible… [/Popeye]

  2. Will Chemnitz become Merkel’s Waterloo ? President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution accuses Merkel of lying to divert attention from the murder of a German by a refugee —
    Even if Merkel remains stubborn, doubts rise with everyone who tries to approach the matter objectively. Following the Prosecutor General of Saxony and the Prime Minister of Saxony, Hans-Georg Maaßen, President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, now also expressed clear doubts to the “Bild” newspaper, thus contradicting the Chancellor: “I share the scepticism towards the media reports on right-wing extremist hunts in Chemnitz. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution has no reliable information that such hunts have taken place,” Maassen told the newspaper. There is no evidence that a video shown on TV and the Internet, which is supposed to show chases, is authentic. Maaßen says: “According to my cautious assessment, there are good reasons why this is a deliberate misinformation to possibly distract the public from the homicide in Chemnitz”.
    Read more:

    • It is interesting to me as how Chemnitz has become a flash point.
      We have been sitting here for three years watching one atrocity after another take place in Germany and other parts of Europe. They never elicited the push back that Chemnitz has.
      Even the big ones like the Bataclan produced an “I feel sorry for myself” reaction, lots of teddy bears and candles.
      But, it seems things have changed. Some citizens have reached a breaking point and are now willing to publicly display their disapproval. I think this is huge for Germany. The question is how are they going to channel this disapproval?

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