The good people of Chemnitz confront the lying press

Here is the Wiki on the reporter:

A small sample:

Hayali has extensive tattoos on her right arm and back; these were first seen at the presentation of the Deutscher Fernsehpreis on 9 October 2010 in Cologne; on television they had always been covered.[8][9]


Hayali is lesbian;[8] in 2008 she announced that since 2007 she had been in a relationship with Mareike Arning, the vocalist of the punk-pop band Uschi’s Orchester.[10] The couple separated in 2011.[11] She is a supporter of the anti-right-wing-extremist group Gesicht Zeigen! (de) (Show Your Face!)[12] and is an ambassador of the anti-racism initiative Respekt! Kein Platz für Rassismus (de) (Respect! No place for racism).[13]


In February 2016, the State Court of Hamburg issued a preliminary injunction forbidding a Facebook user from making offensive hate comments on Hayali’s Facebook page and setting a fine of up to 250,000 euros for any violations of the injunction.[14]

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9 Replies to “The good people of Chemnitz confront the lying press”

  1. Yust because there’s time and space for this bit of Cassandra-like behavior:

    In many ways, Chemnitz is an EU “Canary in the Coal Mine”. When I spent weeks there—back in 2008, and again in 2009—this suburb of Dresden (#12 in German population charts) was lily-white. There are no other words for it.

    Regardless of its religious constituency (as though that should matter at all), the indigenous European population of Chemnitz is having some conspicuous difficulty accepting their flood-tide of grasping, groping, sneering, thankless, psychosocial termites that want nothing more than utter societal downfall so that they may install their particular brand of tribalism.

    Boy howdy, yust wait until they get to face off against Caucasian tribalism. Only when those specific sparks start flying will there be any ecketual gauge regarding the internal and interrelated European “vigilante” forces that could roll up every last “immigrant” sidewalk in a few weeks (or months) time.

    Old cynical joke: “Before things get worse, they have to get a whole lot more worse.

  2. Erkenntnis resistent indeed. There is nothing you can say to these people that will convince them of what they truly are, irrational and incapable of objective reporting. Es fehlt Ihnen jegliche Selbsterkenntnis.

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