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2 Replies to “Germans explain their frustrations to a leftist press”

  1. I guess when they’re hiring people for the mainstream media they probably go through twenty good people until they find one craven mendacious Quisling who they end up hiring. No matter what those ordinary people have to say to her she will go back to her office and type up a story about extreme right-wing rioters who hate all immigrants because they are Nazis.

    I want to see prison sentences for the lying-press. They are purposely endangering our lives for money and they need to suffer consequences for that. They know they are fucking us but they love their paychecks more than they love their countries. No decent person would ever agree to join the Brownshirts, or the Gestapo, or the mainstream media…

    • When Europe finally explodes the members of the press that go to the pen will consider themselves to be the lucky ones. Research “The Terror” after the French Revolution.

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