What Happened At The Chemnitz Protest

Oz-Rita offers the following clarifications:

A little correction first: At Minute 1:17 Pettybone speaks of people carrying a “White Rose”. This is actually in memory of the Student Group and their Philosophy Professor of Munich who, during the Nazi Time got executed by the Nazis for distributing flyers against the Nazi Regime. Michael Stürzenberger, who was also present at that demonstration in Chemnitz, has revived the “White Rose” (die Weiße Rose) a few years ago with the last surviving member of that Resistance Group.

At Minute 8.30 Pettibone interviews a young 13 y.o. girl from Baden Württemberg (capital Stuttgart) whose Minister President is from the Greens Party, and a state that is considered largely “Green/Left”. I see some hope in that someone so young does not seem to be hoodwinked by the the Fake Media and political manipulation.

Also during the interview with this young girl, someone is showing a sign “Lügenpresse”, which means: “Lying Press” (Fake Media).


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  1. The White Rose is not used here as a symbol of grief, it is used a symbol of the purity of ethics. It was adopted by the Sophie Scholl group in Germany in WW2. They were Christian ethicists who condemned not the Nazis or Nazism but their need to place ethics behind politics in the treatment of all peoples. The leaflet that led them all to the guillotine was surprisingly low key in its criticisms (I doubt that they knew too much about the KLs) but because they dared they had to be made an example. Now to wear one is IMO a symbol of DEFIANCE of the ruling party on the basis of ethics not race, religion or politics

    • The White Rose is not used here as a symbol of grief, it is used a symbol of the purity of ethics.

      Bless your eternal soul, Michelle.

      I suppose that this might not be the precisely appropriate time to mention how all varietals and strains of the rose family came from white blossoms that originated in (now Communist) China.

  2. Yes there are signs that the German people are waking up and are no longer fooled by the propaganda of the left, These things take time but will save Europe from Islam.

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