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7 Replies to “Soros gets much needed airing out on TV”

  1. Soros cannot be a socialist because he’s too smart for that. He is not an adherent to postmodernism because of its utter nonsense. He can, however, be an elitist. He can believe that the cream rises to the top. He is secure in the knowledge that a man or woman who finds their way to power or wealth has earned their station. If a Macron or a Trudeau rides to power on a horse of sanctimonious globalist rhetoric, or simply by inherited priviledge, it matters not. It matters not one iota how you got there. But now that you’re here, are you really a Globalist? Do you believe in post-nationalism? Do you believe that you are the perfect man and that it is your right to inherit the earth? Or are you a modern equivalent of the “provincial” leader who still believes in the nation state? The Orban, the Trump and the Salvini. The Populist. The person who has not yet figured out what the Globalists have. –That borders become increasingly counterproductive to the management of humanity at seven billion. Ten billion. 15 billion people. Are you going to tell 100 million people that they cannot leave the starving desert because someone drew lines on a map demarcating some artificial entity called Italy, for example, based on some terribly diluted genetic lineage? Have you or someone near you had your genes done lately by one of these companies offering this service? If so, you know your own impurity. You have no right to believe in your goodness based on any Scottish or Polish or Turkish or Nigerian derivation. Nope. You are the sloppy product of every sweet romance, drunken debauchery and wartime rape that has transpired over the last 1000 generations. You are a genetic crap shoot. Armed with this unsavory truth tell me I’m wrong to believe, as a Globalist elite, that humanity has better options than a benign dictatorship based not on the nation state, but rather on one world government guiding this ship of humanity. –A government guided by the superior intellect, creativity, drive and moxy that its members bring to the table. Orban, Trump and Salvini? Dinasaurs!

    • That is a modified version of the Bull that the Nazi’s and to an extent the Communists pushed, it is the foundation of a new Feudal Society with the self proclaimed elite being the Nobles and Royals and the rest of us the serfs. You are right about their attitude of those who achieve success but it applies only to those who agree with their delusions of being special.

        • You neglected to mention how the global elite are, “Pulling up the ladders after them.” Not satisfied with merely intermarrying to create their New Nobility™, they are limiting access to the playing field so that newcomers may no longer harvest wealth from their own brilliant ideas.

          Two profoundly retrogressive forces (Soros-style globalism and Islam) are intersecting in constructive interaction. It won’t take much more to break the camel’s back. Straw, please.

          Right now, for the immediate future, it seems as though focusing on making all further child prostitution activities into exceptionally painful pursuits (for the adults, not the children) needs to be a critical priority.

          These child prostitution rings represent the undermining of Western society at its very roots. Teach us to disregard our children and you will have taught us the harshest lesson there is to learn. After all, just take a glimpse at the unprecedented success of those preeminent child-killers, HAMAS.

  2. First of all, no degree of “airing” will remove the Auschwitz crematoria stench from Soros.
    Secondly, the globalist elite are in the same mould as the aristocrats of old but with one difference: that first billion allows entry to the new aristocracy no matter who or what you are and the advantages here are incredible. We had a fellow whose family had been rich since the 18th century. Why he was there I had no idea as he had not one gram of compassion or caring. We figured that he must have upset daddy rather badly. However, it never stopped his almost divine access to comforts. In the middle of nowhere a helicopter lands and we all think “casualties”. but no!! It was goodies for little rich boy and as we all couldn’t stand him he did not share any with us. This was not the only time as although he was not in my group, I was told that one weekend that he had off he was flown to the capitol city and stayed at one of daddy’s 5 star hotels for that weekend. He was incredibly arrogant and had that aristocratic expectation that everyone realized his worth so that when one girl slapped him in public (and deservedly so) we found that she had been “recalled” early two weeks later losing all of her bonus and I believe that she had employment problems thereafter. This behaviour was and is typical of the aristocracy and they regard us all as peasants fit only for grinding down under their boots and hence the mad rush in Africa to get that first billion. If they then stopped it would make no difference as someone else would do it. The UK’s history is one of ruthless exploitation of the common people and to a degree far worse than any meted out to those indigenes in colonies and while they are now all mesmerized with MSM lies, football, reality TV and soap operas, the boot will soon be crushing them again and it is the “socialists” aiding and abetting. The movie Elysium gives a clue to what we can expect in the future although the happy ending was a Hollywood add-on not a reality look.

  3. First of all, no degree of “airing” will remove the Auschwitz crematoria stench from Soros.

    Dear Michelle. Risking everything (as I so frequently am wont to do), brevity is equally simple, “soul of wit”.

    [timpani roll]

    We’ll leave that as we may”

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