The Black Plague in Chemnitz, countered by, well people.

This clip starts the same but it cuts to basically everyone out jogging.


More will be added as they are found. But please do check the comments in the Reader’s Daily posts and in previous posts about Chemnitz, which many see as a possible flash point of one form or another.

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4 Replies to “Chemnitz”

  1. Eeyore, thank you so much for keeping an actinic glare focused on Chemnitz.

    This is an otherwise relatively ordinary Teutonic burg whose position on the outskirts of East Germany’s (Second-Only-to-Berlin), Dresden gives it a mild nudge into Modernism. Aside from being the birthplace of Karl Marx … that is, yes, that particular Karl Marx…

    Other than manufacturing icky widdle poison gasses, precision optics and other nuttin’-to-do-with-any-military-applications-y’all, nothing spells, “Bomber Magnet” like being a major railway marshaling (troops & materiel) yard and Voice–Data (Telegraph & Telephone) C2 node.

    Besides that, what else possibly could have merited such totally undeserved annihilation?

  2. What is really funny is the fact that media & politicians accuse Chemnitz people of xenophobia but the German guy who was killed was the son of the immigrant from Kuba,

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