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12 Replies to “Brad Johnson: “The greatest US intel failure of all time””

  1. Great interview.

    It sounds to me that the Steele dossier, and Russian hacking and election interference inventions were primarily meant to distract from the Clintons’ corruption. Such panoramic rot, greed and selling of the country by sleazebags, to sleazebags, needed a big fat Arkansas lie. Getting rid of Trump was icing on their soft-coup cake.

    Trump may be alot of things, and one of them is a real patriot, unlike most of these career politicos.

    Gotta start enforcing laws and convicting people who intentionally undermine the country. This is just as important as defending the borders.

    If they win, we are lost.

  2. Thank you, Eeyore. Totally worth watching in its entirety, everyone.

    People might wish to pay much closer (i.e., microscopic) attention to video time point–00:18:55 whenst the narrator bares all and freely admits how the Red Chinese merely are picking, “low-hanging fruit” in their cyber–warfare against the West (in these earliest of phases). As in: “The Devil is just Getting His Shoes On“.

    Again, THEFT always will be far more convenient AND infinitlessly less INSTRUCTIVE than true, trial and failure innovative processes.

    Please do forgive me this insufferably toff-nosed love of mine for what took place in reality. As opposed to what everyone else will tell you TOOK place on whichever date.

    Brave and uppity wimminfolk of Vlad Tepes’ Blog, do please stay strong and (if so willing) help heal us wounded loonsCold Warriors“. We’ve endlessly been told we’re all “worth sh!t” so many times the text almost always appears in front of our eyes as brown in color.

    Far more ominous is the warning in this video clip, at time point–00:27:05, about “Pin the Tail on the Donald Donkey“.

    Modern MSM interests—along with their traditional color-guard of Western Tranzi, LBGTQXYZ, MultiCulti, Globalist, “Diversity Cheerleaders”—in ostensible concord with Quangos of every last imaginable sort, had best keep their lips zipped and “start counting the silverware”, lest there become available such a high-resolution ‘Cloud Atlas’ of Anti-Western sentiment which merely catalogues such treachery but, will NEVER account for NOR properly detail this ongoing, sociocultural forgery.

    And FORGERY IT IS. Not just involving previously banked earnings, but also of all sales (or VAT) taxes collected from subsequent, everyday (and entirely unavoidable) transactions.

    This is being, “Milked like the last cow on the farm.”

    I am Norseradish, and cannot lend an iota of psychosocial support for a speck of this…

    • Think of the Chinese Fleet as targets for several live fire exercises, Their ships won’t last long in a shooting war with most of the damage being done by US, Japanese and Taiwanese subs and land based aircraft. Add in the Three Gorges Dqam as a cruise missile target and you will have a short and bloody war followed by massive squabbling over who gets what part of China. Taiwan and Hong Kong along with the neighboring nations will claim the majority and will then have to decide how to defend (hang onto) their portion.

        • Sorry hat tip NR for the Three Gorges Dam.

          No problem, mi amigo. Yust keep the running chainsaw mixed in there with the bowling balls and flaming tiki torches and we’ll have these loons juggling their hands off (literally).

          Whether or not Beijing ever wants to admit it, all of us know that (as I’ve said before) the ChiComs now HAVE TOO MUCH TO LOSE. Go ahead and see what tiny fraction of your pre-existing civilization emerges from the glowing ruins. Eh?

      • Thanks for the counterpoint Richard. And I totally agree. The the Commie Chinese blow alot of smoke. Aircraft carriers? Gimme a break.

        • If the world gets lucky we can maintain some semblance of peace until the Communist Chinese government collapses. When this happens all of the neighbors will scramble to seize large portions of China and probably come close to bankruptcy cleaning up the environmental damage to the point people can safely live there.

    • Our current highest priority is to change the US policy which categorizes all terrorist attacks taking place in the United States as ‘lone wolf’ attacks.

      End of Line. Full Stop.

      Just this one simple declaration tells me all I need to know.

      Someone has grown a brain.

      [grinding klaxons and xenon strobes in background]

      (“Danger! Will Robinson…“)

      I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops for over a decade.

      Glad to know how people finally are figuring out that this Islamic crapulence has a throw-range measured in MILLIMETERS. Eh?

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