Toronto Mall under fire by males wearing clothes: Links 1, August 30, 2018

1. An amazingly cool Rebel cruise!

(Man that sounds like a lot of fun!)

2. Allah allah wuzza wuzza…

3. David Yerushalmi on Islamic law fare.

(I once heard him speak live. He was the single most lucid human being I have ever heard)

4. Top 10@TheRebel

5. Macron, the globalist enemy of nationalism and freedom.

6. A mall on Toronto’s Yorkdale region is being shot up by 2 suspects. The following is the actual description of the suspects in a Toronto MSM publication.

In a tweet, police said they are looking for multiple suspects. They described one suspect as a male in his 20s who was wearing a black jacket with a hoodie and blue jeans. A second suspect was described as a skinny male in his 20s, standing around five-foot-nine and carrying a black handgun.

Thank you C. M., Johnny U., PC., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Kathy, and a long and consistent list of patriots who are helping to try and tilt the public sphere of understanding at least part way back to the real.

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9 Replies to “Toronto Mall under fire by males wearing clothes: Links 1, August 30, 2018”

  1. Sarkozy also was talking about the obligation of French people to accept to change. Macron is talking about same change. Change what? With what?
    Sarkozy actually did explained very clear…but French people were sleeping at that moment.

  2. 6. A mall on Toronto’s Yorkdale region

    What really bothers me about this “news article” is the fact that they would rather the gunmen go free and kill somebody than risk being seen as right-wing by mentioning what they looked like. The description that they did give, minus the actual appearances of the perpetrators, is useless and will result in them getting away if it’s all they have to go on. They’d rather see some poor person shot to death than dare to be politically incorrect, and that really, really bugs me. There ought to be a law against that…

    • It has almost become pro forma to identify the offending clothing rather than the person. If it was a “white” college student you can bet the farm “he” would be described down to the eye colour.

    • You are exactly correct. It is proof of the extent that our elected representatives, who are paid by us, do not give one hair ball about the law abiding tax paying contributor to society.

      If 5 more people are killed for lack of description they will consider that a noble sacrifice to show just how virtuous they, the government media complex is.

      Which in fact is a very pure form of Marxism/postmodernism which states clearly that if innocent people die arbitrarily for the glory of the state they should consider themselves honoured to die for that purpose.

      Source: Explaining Postmodernism Stephen Hicks, and of course, the Gulag Archipelago on nearly every page.

      • Earlier today I posted a video on the readers links that was talking abut that, here is the URL

        He is talking about the US and what will happen if the self proclaimed ruling elite continue on their course of ignoring the people. The events in Chemnitz Germany show that what he is talking about applies to all Western Nations. Although we are the only one that currently has an armed populace this won’t prevent the people raising up and kicking the self proclaimed ruling elite out of office and probably out of freedom and in some cases their lives.

  3. Mall Attack. Have been watching the pattern of mall attacks and other attacks on public places. It makes me think these are sort of test attacks. If I were to plan an attack to kill a maximum of people would wait until there was an evacuation where everyone is crowded together and make the real attack there. Las Vegas the concert, Paris the concert, etc. etc people are all clumped together with few places to hide. In malls people are spread out and you would have to look for clusters. Once they are evacuated outside they are mostly without shelter and tend to gather together.

    • The mall attacks that are carried out by organized groups are probably designed to get the people use to being evacuated and to waiting in one ares for the mall to be cleared. The follow up attack (mass causality attack) will only work once or twice before the police response changes. The follow up attack will probably be car bombs placed to inflict mass causaliti4es or a snipe or both.

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