US makes trade deal with Mexico, Canada not involved yet

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4 Replies to “US makes trade deal with Mexico, Canada not involved yet”

  1. And the winner is… Max Bernier!
    Both Scheer and Trudeau are responsible for this situation. They prefer to support the Cartels

  2. From a perfectly selfish point of view, I happen to be very fond of milk and wouldn’t mind seeing the price drop precipitously. Does anyone have some real knowledge about the dairy issue? Are we screwing the Americans? Will Canadian milk producers go bankrupt if the tariffs are removed? It’s over my head to be sure…

    • If memory serves, its about Quebec supremacy and was started by Trudeau the 1st.

      He made sure that Quebec farmers where given an unfair advantage. Trudeau Jr. is doing the same BS for the same reasons.

      Trump is just right. Plain and simple. We cannot impose massive trade tarrifs on American products to protect Quebec farmers and expect them to not apply trade barriers to our goods.

      In fact we already have unfair trade advantage with cars that isn’t even considered.

      Some car manufacturers built their plants in Ontrario instead of the USA because our government pays for health care.

      This means that they do not have to pay on top of salaries, insurance costs for employees. This is a LARGE savings. And it could be argued that this is a form of government subsidy that violates the trade deal.

      So I believe President Trump is being more than fair.

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