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3 Replies to “Spain: Vox leader Javier Ortega Smith gives stirring speech in Ceuta after 600 migrants breach border fence”

  1. We’re ending up with walls everywhere because of inept globalist politicians and U.N. refugee council. Civil wars are on the horizon unless the police side with the citizens.

  2. Finally Europe is rising, yesterday we had reports of Germans rioting because of men who came to went to help a woman were stabbed, today we see a Spaniard make a speech that sounds like one of Trumps. The Europeans are on the move, it will take more time then we want but less then most expect before speeches like his are common and the vigilante actions the rioters tried to do will be common. This will force the invading armies to take off their masks which will in turn force the European Governments to turn their military loose on the invaders.

  3. A small voice, a ray of light.
    So noble the man!

    But Ceuta is very, very far from the levers of power. Things could hardly be more grim.

    Gulf Arabs own so much property, control so much direct investment, the Spainish people are literally tenants in their own country. They sold their patrimony, divorced their Church, stopped making babies.

    They just voted communist – Podemos. That means EU commies like Junker, Mogherini, Merkel. Soros was the new Prime Minister’s first foreign big-shot guest.


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