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One Reply to “Black Pigeon Speaks on Hungary’s resistance to irrational leftism”

  1. BPS nails it to perfection. Starting off (at video time point – 00:00:40) with that now-infamous, hysterical, whingeing , snot-gobbling, suicidal sore-loser, totally triggered toss pot at the very beginning, all the way through to re-mentioning the abject virtue signalling of Elin Errson and closing with warnings about, “vivid hair-dye manufacturers” [guffaw!], BPS adroitly rips away the mask from these Millennial loons—”Oops, I’m so sorry … was that your face?!?”.

    Tell you what: Why didn’t they yust throw Elin Errson off of the plane for disrupting a flight-in-progress and bloody-well get on with it?

    End result? The wife-beater gets a splendid opportunity to ruminate at length about just how superior today’s modern Afghanistan is, especially when compared to a primitive hellhole like Sweden—whilst the wife (along with her daughters) is protected from what has become the all-too-common, göat-hümpïng, microcephalic, Majestic Muslim Militant™.

    DISCLAIMER: At no time is any connection implied between America’s 3M Corporation™ and whatever random Majestic Muslim Militant™—living or dead (preferably at room temperature).

    A victory for national security, an instant “immigration” twofer, and a borders win-win—all rolled up into one flaming beaut. What’s not to like?!?

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