French ‘youths’ bring tragedy to a new level

The following story is from France Soir. We are hoping to get a proper French translation of the whole article at some point, but for the moment, we must make do with a machine translation.

Firemen were prevented from rescuing a woman from a burning building in the Saint-Roch district of Nice by “youths” who interfered with the operation and stole equipment.

As a consequence, she caught fire and burned to death on her balcony.

A 61-year-old woman died in the fire of her building on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. Firefighters could not do anything for the woman who called for help from her balcony. Their intervention was also disrupted by young people in the neighborhood. […]

A fire ravaged a building in the Saint-Roch district of Nice on the night of Tuesday21 to Wednesday 22, killing one person. The victim, a 61-year-old woman, died in particularly tragic circumstances. Stuck on her balcony by the flames and calling for help, she could not be rescued.

“She wanted to jump, but could not (…) We could see the flames coming in. Everyone saw her catch fire …” , reported a resident at the newspaper Nice-Matin . According to her, the sexagenarian was a corpulent woman who was recovering from a hip operation. 

And then there was this: […]

According to the sub-prefect Gwenaëlle Chapuis, the action of firefighters was also complicated by groups of young people. “Some obstructed the work of firefighters at the beginning of the intervention: theft of equipment, invective …” , the police had to intervene to disperse the troublemakers tear gas. Three people were arrested.

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Breitbart has the story here.

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