Stzrok fired for ignoring real corruption and knowingly promoting false materials

This WaPo video is wildly misleading. Stzrok is not the victim here. For what he did he should be in jail for a very long time. Considering what he did, the Romans would have handled it about right.

New interview with Brad Johnson coming up on this as soon as I can get it edited and uploaded.

There is a begging account set up on Gofundme for Stzrok. I am not posting the link but its in the comments for someone who wants to dig for it.


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8 Replies to “Stzrok fired for ignoring real corruption and knowingly promoting false materials”

      • If we can get a honest investigation, and a honest prosecutor in from of a honest Judge we will get a lot of people going to the pen. If we can’t get all three it is unlikely anyone from the Swamp will go to jail.

  1. As many other in my generation. I swore an oath. Which I will keep as many of my brothers in arms. We will keep Sweden a free nation.

    ”Det svenska försvaret skall verka för att vår fred och vårt oberoende bevaras. Det skall värna vår frihet att själva forma vår rättsordning och vår kultur. Om Sverige blir angripet, skall vi med vapenmakt hindra att landet faller i angriparens hand.”:

    And the quislings will get what they what’s coming for them.

    P.S: ”Hemåt det bär!”:

  2. Don’t give up hope the statue of limitations hasn’t run out on his crimes, with luck he will do a lot of time in the pen.

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