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6 Replies to “Sunday Funnies from The Netherlands”

  1. Had a White guy behaved in that manner with them, they would have handled him differently. They probably would have thrown him to the ground and more. That’s where we see we are becoming second-class citizens.

  2. What jumps out at me is the total lack of impulse control. In the first video the assailant comes at the native with a metal bar and strikes him. I suppose he expected not to be challenged and when he was he was truly frightened (this isn’t supposed to go this way)!
    In the 2nd video the motorist expected to be given a pass for being abusive to police officers. When he wasn’t he escalated to out of control (this wasn’t supposed to go this way)!

    And I think Sassy is absolutely correct that if a native had abused police in that manner he would have probably been thrown to the ground and handcuffed behind his back rather than being told to sit down and calm himself.

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