Leftism, Islam, and The US fights back: Links 1, Aug. 12, 2018

1. Laura Loomer asks muslim politician in the US to answer some really obvious questions.

2. Film maker, Michael Hansen, creator of Killing Europe, uploaded the FULL interview with the Rotherham rape victim, a short segment of which can be seen in his film.

This is heart breaking stuff. but the more I see the UK government in denial of the facts on the ground, with muslim politicians and police both covering this stuff up as well as actually PARTICIPATING in it, it just has to be put out there.

3. Is the first speaker here the New Mexico jihadi training site for children’s operator’s father?

More from this guy:

And more info on this guy:

4. Canada is galloping into a communist, totalitarian modus as statues of John A, McDonald are removed by various government agencies under pressure from communist groups.

In a disgusting and shameful move, the Victoria City Council has removed a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, the latest in a growing example of radical left attempts to destroy Canadian history.

A video of the statue being removed can be seen below:

5. ACLU claims arrest of US employers for hiring illegals is racist, showing that the ACLU no longer is remotely a liberal organization dedicated to protection of constitutional rights, but now is a communist globalist institution bent on actually destroying those rights and protections.

6. I have not yet seen this 2 hour speech by D’souza but I bet its great. His movie, Hillary’s America was most certainly worth the price of admission.

7. US federal judge orders seizure of Venezuela’s Citgo.

(Can President Trump get any more awesome?)

Thank you Richard, MH., EB., Sassy, Johnny U. Xanthippa, and many many more.

Editing and titling has taken some time this past couple of days and will again today, so please everyone, take a dive into the Reader’s Links comments over the past 3 days.

Jordan Peterson recently tweeted out as a response to another post, “He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword”.

I don’t remember the full context of the conversation but I would like to add something, given that these sort of maxims only have meaning within a common cultural matrix.

In a Marxist-muslim world, he who lives by the pen, dies by the sword.

That is where we are headed at Mach 1.

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  1. (Can President Trump get any more awesome?)

    I pray so, while the news is mixed in both the US and Canada all of it adds up to the fact that the left has managed to destroy Western Civilization and is making progress in removing everythi9ng that tells the history of both nations. I hate to think about what isto come, the left isso intent on destroy ing history it won’t be long before they want to use explosive to destroy the faces on Mount Rushmore. Without history we have no nations, without knowing what happened in the past we have no map to guide our future. The statues can be replaced, the buildings and towns can be renamed but the cost in lives and treasure is going to be great, it took the left over 100 years to create this mess and it will take us that long to undo the damage. Yes we will manage to restore some form of our former nations before that long but it will take that long to return restore our nations to a period when the vast majority of the people once again believe in self reliance and small government.

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