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  1. Italian Soldiers Forced to Intervene as Migrants Brawl on Naples Streets

    Italian soldiers were forced to intervene in three separate brawls over a period of only a few hours, including violence between migrants in which one soldier was attacked.

    The three bouts of violence took place in Naples’ Vasto district during the middle of the night as acts of violence have become more and more common in the area, Il Giornale reports.

    As part of Operation Strade Sicure, or “secure streets”, several military personnel were also on hand in the area and were forced to intervene in two of the brawls.

    • USA: Black Lives Matter march in DC one year after Charlottesville

      Black Lives Matter activists held a march in Washington D.C. on Sunday, one year on from the far-right ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a counter protester was killed.

  2. Antifa reportedly clashed with U.S. Secret Service agents in front of the White House on Sunday, as far-left counter protesters demonstrate against white nationalists attending the ‘Unite the Right’ 2 in Washington, D.C.
    Footage circulating on social media purports to show Secret Service agents attempting to clear Antifa members from the area, prompting the far-left protesters to throw eggs at the federal law enforcement officers. NPR reporter Tim Mak tweeted video of eggs being thrown amid “lots of pushing,” outside the White House:

  3. Open borders protesters and members of the left-wing anarchist group Antifa chanted death to America during a counter-protest in Washington, DC, on Sunday.
    In a video by Breitbart News’ Ian Mason, Antifa members and open borders activists can be heard and seen marching down streets throughout Washington, DC, demanding an end to the United States.

    “No border, no wall, no USA at all!” Antifa and open borders activists chanted.

  4. An indigenous woman in Calgary, Canada who yelled “I hate white people” before punching a white woman in the face and knocking her tooth out did not commit a racially motivated hate crime, a provincial court judge has ruled.

    Judge Harry Van Harten’s written decision in the case argued that the motivation of the perpetrator, Tamara Crowchief, in the attack on the victim, Lydia White, was not related to racial bias.

    The judge disagreed with the prosecutor’s argument that the unprovoked assault, which occurred in November 2015, rose to the level of a hate crime.

    Van Harten said there wasn’t enough evidence to establish the claim that Crowchief attacked White because of her skin color, despite the fact that the perpetrator, who had never met the victims before the attack, yelled “I hate white people” before throwing a punch.

  5. The SPLC’s terrible year just got worse

    But nowadays, Sessions charged, it uses its hate-group designations “as a weapon” to “bully and intimidate” organizations of which it simply doesn’t approve.

    Groups like the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal foundation that specializes in religious liberty — and quite effectively: It has prevailed in the US Supreme Court nine times in the last seven years. Yet the SPLC has defamed ADF as a “hate group,” a label Sessions rejected by appearing before the group.

  6. A family member of one of the victims of the massacre of ten UN peacekeepers in 1994 during the Rwandan genocide has expressed outrage that Belgium is considering granting asylum to one of the men involved in the slaughter.
    Martine Debatty, the sister of Corporal Alain Debatty, who was murdered along with nine other UN peacekeepers at the start of the Rwandan conflict in 1994, has gone public in expressing her anger that Belgium is considering granting former Rwandan Major Bernard Ntuyahaga asylum in the country 7sur7 reports.

    “We can not host him in Belgium,” Ms Debatty said and added, “If he gets asylum, it’s really disgusting,” and said she would make a lot of noise in opposition to a positive asylum ruling.

    Ntuyahaga, who was arrested and eventually found guilty of his participation in the killings in 2007 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison but was given an early release this year. According to reports, none of the relatives of the victims, all of them Belgian, were informed that the former Rwandan Major would be getting an early release from prison.

    A Muslim man in the Baghpat village in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, was allegedly beaten up at a local mosque by the community after he participated in the ongoing Kanwar Yatra and offered water to Lord Shiva. Babu Khan had brought back Ganga water in the Kanwar which irked the community. As per reports, after he returned on last Thursday, a section of his community turned against him and when he reached the mosque to offer Friday namaz, he was allegedly abused, attacked, beaten up and driven away. As per Times of India, Khan said he wanted to experience what strenuous journey the Kanwars undertake. He said he offered water to Lord Shiva from the river Ganga, but he is still a devout Muslim.

    Khan claims that he was asked to go and ‘ring bells in a temple’ for participating in the Kanwar Yatra. He said that if people from his community continue harassing him like this, he would convert from Islam. He said that since last three years Lord Shiva would come in his thoughts and he would even pray to Shiva. Along with this, he continued following Islam and carrying out his duties as a Muslim. He said he was welcomed by the villagers when he came back from his Kanwar Yatra and offered some water in the temple of the village on his return. However, when he went to the mosque on Friday, some men present there allegedly beat him up.

  8. Another savage news story the enemedia ignored, scrubbed and censored — and now it has gotten even worse, with the revelation that Irsan murdered another daughter’s husband and praised 9/11.

    The case for which he is facing the death penalty now is bad enough:

    “I killed that bitch and you’re next. No one insults my honor as a Muslim and gets away with it.”

    That was the chilling threat Ali Awad Mahmoud Irsan made to his daughter Nesreen after murdering her best friend, according to Assistant Harris County District attorney Tammy Thomas. Nesreen’s friend Gelareh Bagherzadeh was found murdered on the night of January 16th, 2012, in an alley near the Galleria section of Houston. (More here)

    “Jordanian patriarch facing death in Houston ‘honor killings’ praised 9/11 attacks,” by Brian Rogers, Houston Chronicle, July 31, 2018:

    A Jordanian immigrant facing the death penalty in Houston praised Osama bin Laden for the terror attacks on New York City on September 11, 2001, and said the violence was deserved, his daughter testified Tuesday.

    Nesreen Irsan, 30, told jurors that her fervently Muslim father, 60-year-old Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, was living in Conroe when the infamous attacks occurred and was happy that Americans had died. He also told his 12 children they should become suicide bombers if asked.

  9. The issue of 3-D printed guns has been controversial over the last few weeks. Court proceedings and lawsuits have been nonstop and it’s all to answer one question: should 3-D printed guns and their data be treated as a firearm or intellectual property.

    Facebook has now decided to weigh in on that debate. The social media giant is now removing content that details how an individual can develop a 3-D printed gun, Reuters reported.

    “Sharing instructions on how to manufacture firearms using 3D printers or CNC milling machines is not allowed under our Community Standards. In line with our policies, we are removing this content from Facebook,” a company spokesperson told CNN in a statement.

    The sudden change means that if a person wants to share blueprints with friends and family and the link is posted to the social media website, it will not be accessible.

  10. Two Muslim religious leaders were banned from entering Singapore on Monday because they planned to spread anti-Christmas propaganda on a religious-themed cruise, government officials said.

    Ismail Menk and Haslin Baharim, citizens of Zimbabwe and Malaysia, respectively, planned to preach on a cruise ship traveling from Singapore to Indonesia. Both have warned fellow Muslims against wishing non-Muslims Merry Christmas, and they are known for promoting divisive rhetoric against multiculturalism. Baharim, for example, has called non-Muslims “deviants,” and Menk has said non-Muslims should be subservient to Muslims.

  11. the gateway pundit – VIDEO: Laura Loomer Confronts Democrat Muslim Candidate on Why She Married Her Brother — Is KICKED OFF FACEBOOK after Posting the VIDEO

    Conservative activist Laura Loomer crashed a campaign event on Sunday for two Minneapolis area Muslim Democrats.
    Minnesota state Rep. Ilhan Omar, left, and Rashida Tlaib, a congressional candidate in Detroit held a joint campaign event at the Holy Land deli in Minneapolis.

  12. Egypt court sentences Brotherhood leaders to life in prison in Bahr El-Azam case (ahram, Aug 12, 2018)

    “The Supreme Guide of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group Mohamed Badie and eight leading members of the group were sentenced to life in prison on Sunday in a retrial for their role in deadly clashes in Giza following the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

    The life sentence by a Cairo criminal court was handed down to Brotherhood leaders Mohamed El-Beltagy, Safwat Hegazy, Essam El-Erian and El-Husseini Antar. The court also sentenced Bassem Ouda, the former supply minister under president Morsi, to 15 years in prison.

    The court also sentenced prominent Brotherhood figures Hisham Kamel, Gamal Fathi, and Ahmed Dahi to 10 years over charges of incitement to commit violent acts.

    The incident, known in Egyptian media as the Bahr El-Azam case, stemmed from clashes on 15 July 2013 in Giza, which left dozens of people dead.

    They were convicted of “inciting acts of violence, terrorism, and murder, forming groups to attack citizens, resisting authorities, and possessing ammunition and weapons to destroy state property.”

    Sunday’s sentence comes nearly four years after a different court district sentenced 15 leading figures of the banned group in September 2014 to 15 years in prison over the clashes.

    Nine out of the 15 MB figures appealed the verdicts, winning their appeals later, which led the Appeals Court to cancel the ruling and order a retrial in front of the Cairo Criminal Court.

    The convicted leaders have the right to appeal the court’s ruling.

    Badie, the Brotherhood’s leader in Egypt, as well as other Brotherhood leaders, have faced a barrage of trials since Morsi’s ouster on charges ranging from terrorism to inciting violence, and have already received life sentences and the death penalty in other cases.”

  13. China defends Muslim crackdown as ‘protecting peace, stability’ (asiancorrespondent, Aug 13, 2018)

    “CHINESE state media has defended a crackdown on the country’s Uighur Muslim population, claiming their detention is to ensure peace and stop the Xinjiang region from becoming “China’s Syria” or “China’s Libya.”

    The Global Times editorial was in response to statements from the United Nations saying they had credible evidence that more than one million Uighur Muslims are estimated to be in detention in “counter-extremism centres.”

    Gay McDougall, a member of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, said authorities have turned Xinjiang region into “something that resembles a massive internment camp that is shrouded in secrecy – a sort of ‘no rights zone’.”

    But state media defended China’s strict regulation as merely “a phase that Xinjiang has to go through in rebuilding peace and prosperity.”

    The piece accused western critics of “smearing” the Chinese authorities and deliberately finding fault “in order to sabotage local governance.”

    The writer blamed the Uighur’s violent attacks for their treatment, accusing them of being brainwashed by terrorist organisations and carrying out attacks across the country.

    “Through the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the national strength of the country and the contribution of local officials, Xinjiang has been salvaged from the verge of massive turmoil,” the newspaper said. “It has avoided the fate of becoming ‘China’s Syria’ or ‘China’s Libya.’”…”

  14. UAE forces decimating Al Qaida in Yemen (gulfnews, Aug 13, 2018)

    “The UAE Armed Forces have said that since April 2015 the UAE has trained and equipped about 60,000 Yemeni forces to fight Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in order to restore peace, and rebuild and stabilise Yemen.

    Addressing a press conference in Dubai alongside UAE Minister of State of Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Gargash, Brigadier Musallam Al Rashedi of the UAE Armed Forces said, “You can’t kill your way to victory against AQAP in Yemen with drones and air raids. Ultimately, it is a competition for the people’s support. We train Yemeni forces, and provide them with equipment and intelligence inputs to enable them to combat the extremists.”

    Brigadier Al Rashedi denied a report about UAE forces cutting secret deals with the militants to get them to abandon territory saying it is “wrong accusation”.

    “They are not willing to negotiate, there is no point to negotiate with them as they don’t want to negotiate.” He added that since 2015, some 1,000 “core” AQAP fighters had been killed, including 13 most-wanted leaders, while 1,500 have been captured.

    Dr Gargash told reporters that all parties should accept their part in what they are doing in Yemen’s war.

    “In this war we have seen civilians killed and bombed. War is not something that can be a clean operation unfortunately. I think all parties need to accept their part in what they are doing,” Dr Gargash said.

    He was referring to an the operation that took place on August 9 in the governorate of Saada…”

    • Meanwhile, the Saudis are arming and bribing AQAP. Using them against the Houthis fairly effectively. These are battle-hardened jihadi mercenaries.

      No “decimating” – in fact, their numbers are constantly increasing. If they’re less prevalent in the south, the region of interest to the UAE, that means they’re settling in the north, where they’re secure for the long term.

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