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10 Replies to “The Strange Death of Comedy”

  1. “Joan Rivers On A Donald Trump Presidency And Insulting Everyone | Best Of Joan Rivers | #FBF | WWHL”
    Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
    Published on Jun 8, 2018

  2. Seinfeld, “edgy”? Don’t make me hurl. Michael Nesmith’s 1981 “Elephant Parts” was edgier than Seinfeld ever will get in his entire lifetime!

    Laughs are better than punches.

    Tell that the the IDF troops posted to Gaza.

    Yes, the lights are going out on comedy. When the Motoons ignited such pyrotechnics, that should have been a sure sign.

    With the death of Robin Williams, the stars of Western Comedy are winking out: Some of his finest, Über-Liberal work, ever; (TOTALLY USFW)

  3. The best physical comedian alive is Jacki Chan, he says he learned by watching the old 30s, 40s and 50s but no modern comedians because they aren’t funny.

    • Jacki Chan (to whatever genuine credit) is a slapstick revivalist, at best.

      While it certainly remains a rarely resurrected art, allow me to return you to Donnie Yen, one of the finest modern martial arts experts and one who makes Bruce Lee appear to have all the emotional expression of Schwarzenegger.

      Watch any of Yen’s productions and be sure to have lots of hot buttered popcorn on-hand. He’s an ever-so-rare combination of coordination, well-orchestrated-choreography, emotion, and expression, all at the same time.. You will enjoy!

      • Yen is good, my access to martial arts movies is limited since one movie and comic book store closed. With luck he will reopen since Trump has removed the regs that put him out of business.

        • Yen is good…

          So glad you agree, Richard. His fisticuffs are both blurring and spectacular. Hell, he could provide the rhythm section for an entire orchestra!

    • It is sad watching this knowing that this man killed himself.

      Too right, Babs! In so many ways, ours was the greater loss. Bourdain topping himself was bad enough. Permanent solutions to temporary problems and all that rot…

      I saw Robin perform more than once and he was everything you saw in the foregoing video (which I think to be amongst his finest work).

      Whether or not you agree with his politics, there is no denying the depth and mind-bending genius of his humor. It’s like watching all of the Firesign Theater cast conjoined at the wrists and ankules into one single entity.

      PS: To all others – Please watch the video. You will, howl, scream, scowl, shriek, but NOT ONCE be bored. Yust the golf sequence alone may put you at risk of wetting your caddied, tartaned knickers. Promise…


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