Terrorism fuels leftist apologists in Toronto

I have tried to watch this clip maybe 5 times and failed every time because the strident dishonesty and failure of logic of the hysterical and hate filled women who interrupted an interview by David Menzies of the Rebel, made it so that I simply couldn’t get past the one minute mark. This time, I stepped away from the laptop and listened from where I couldn’t hit pause.

I can see why it has over 100,000 views. This women is a tight package of nearly all of the tactics of the contemporary left. The fuse premise stokes anger, breeds sanctimony which fuels strident self righteousness, and then justifies actual kinetic behaviour. Im pretty sure if she thought she could be effective it at, she would turn violent.

Its a tough watch because its such a good example of a failure of humanity in some ways. But watch it we will. Much like rubber necking at a civilizational car accident.


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17 Replies to “Terrorism fuels leftist apologists in Toronto”

  1. If she were an American teacher there would have been enough public outrage about her psychotic episode for her to be relieved of her employment and possibly have her children taken away.

    The more this kind of behaviour is exposed, the bigger the #walkaway movement will get.

      • Wish I could agree.

        I would describe her as, “Canadian”.

        Which explains why our main export is sanctimony, right after oil and guns of course.

        • She is a True Believer Leftist, watching the videos is one of the scariest things you can do, watching them you realize how the destruction of civilization has turned the left loose to create the chaos they crave. This woman and others like her are the SA and possible SS of the modern Fascist movement. If they get power this woman will gleefully stuff all who disagree with her into the cattle cars for a quick trip to the gas chambers and ovens.

          • One can be brainwashed and not psychotic. Her reaction is clearly both, a dangerous combination, and she’s not alone in her club.
            I agree with you.

          • If they get power this woman will gleefully stuff all who disagree with her into the cattle cars for a quick trip to the gas chambers and ovens.

            In the very-most upgefü¢ked, weird-@ss ironic sense, THANK YOU, Richard for getting this out into the open!

            Already, you’ve seen me punished at this website for making these exact same Shoah allusions. Regardless, there seems little else coming down the pipeline … and that’s something which ought to be triggering klaxons in every last companionway of the flaming boat.

            To catastrophically ironically paraphrase Winnie:

            Never have so many had so much to lose for so little reason.

            It simply slays me to coin up these Phflibbertigibbets of Phraseology™.

            Even a slight notion of the West relinquishing its magnificent grasp upon The Future™ is unutterably intolerable for this Honky Dinosaur®.

            Let’s see who the fü¢k else does it better…

        • If we look at the poll numbers re next Federal election, Justin probably will be reelected with a minority government.

          The big problem with the Conservatives is their feckless leader. Few people like or trust him.

          So much bad Justin press, and the Justin lead is within +/- 1%.

          Scheer hasn’t managed to awake common sense and anger for Justin. As you say, Canadians.

  2. I can’t imagine her getting into an argument with her husband or boyfriend. But then again, I noticed there is no male with her, only her silent children.

    People like her, you can’t reason with. Let’s hope they remain in the minority as witnessed by Doug Ford’s election.

    • Did you see her children? One girl was shaking her arm as if to say, “Come on Mom, let’s go”. If fact, she didn’t even seem to care that her children disappeared during her verbal frenzy. They were probably totally embarrassed.

  3. God in fucking heaven.
    That tirade, illogical and driven by a head FULL of snakes, is bad enough. Coupled with the Canadian accent makes it intolerable.
    By the way, Mz “Love One Another Take Back Our Community”: Your point of view is exactly what gets your head separated from you shoulders by those criminals you let in to “your community”. Keep that shit up and find out.

    • God in fucking heaven.

      [febrilely clutching at pearls]

      Never in my life ever have I had to endure such precise language!


  4. Wow. No wonder students are as stupid as they possibly can with school “teachers” like this woman … political science major with her “amendment” rights?

  5. “We don’t love, we don’t talk to each other…”

    Bringing her own problems to everyone else.

    Why fix yourself, when changing the world at the end of a gun is easier?

    ISIS recruits her compatriots in this squaring-the-circle, Peace of the Dhimmi. Slaves on plantations who are superior to unbelievers lest they discover the alien host living in them.

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