Tommy Robinson free on bail

Tommy Robinson freed after winning appeal over contempt of court sentence

TOMMY Robinson will today be freed from jail after winning his appeal for a contempt of court conviction.

The English Defence League (EDL) founder was sentenced to 13 months in prison earlier this year after broadcasting footage of trial defendants on social media.

One hour video outside court after verdict

Leftist papers are not allowing comments on the news:

The Independent:

The Independent: 

The Guardian:

Ezra Levant’s tweet on Tommy:


Pat Condell tweet deserves retweet. CNN is just a Soros-Democrat party weapon that fires lies.

Watch this Channel4 spin doctoring.

In the video below, Tommy Robinson explains that he has a lot to say, but to the British public and not (filtered) through biased media:

Below, listen to this same reporter, not showing his own footage of this, but spinning it into, ‘Tommy Robinson is supported by Nazis’. If you are still wondering why no one right of Stalin trusts the MSM you aren’t paying attention.

Thank you Richard, Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Michelle, M, and many more who sent in info about the Tommy Robinson events today.  I have not gotten to even 10% of the emails, so expect this post to grow as the day goes on.


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40 Replies to “Tommy Robinson free on bail”

  1. Guardian page quote: “Roman, whose colleague Daniel Pipes at the MEF floated the unfounded claim that there were “no-go” zones in largely Muslim areas of Europe, ”

    That alone would hang draw and quarter the grauniard in any world where lies in the MSM could be prosecuted. You can be certain that either the writer has not been near any muslim ghetto anywhere or as is more likely, lying through its marxist teeth.

    • In Germany you’re not even allowed to zoom in on the faces of screaming Antifa rats. They are protected. The police can film them, but you cannot.

      Similar in France: if you, the citizen journalist, films something that is related to crime, you must hand over your material to the police. If you decide to publish it yourself, the police will come after you.

    • The names of those responsible both within the prison and the department should be published and they should be charged with the appropriate crime, and sentenced to Olney. However seeing as 90% of public “servants” are leftist what is the chance if this happening? Nowhere has Marxism planted its standards better than in all western bureaucracies and they reap good hours, good pay . great superannuation, medical benefits and yet still see the need to inflict their ideology upon others and have the bureaucratic power to injure those with whom they disagree.

      • Too right, Michelle!

        Levant’s coverage of this legal atrocity is beyond price.

        That Robinson made it out alive is simply astounding.

        Bless Tommy and all of his loved ones.

  2. Channel 4 – Tommy Robinson released from prison on bail

    The far right activist Tommy Robinson has been released from prison on bail – after winning a contempt of court appeal.

  3. Daily Mail – Protesters and supporters react to Tommy Robinson being freed –

    The far right activist, 35, has been in prison for two months after being locked up in May for filming defendants involved in a criminal trial at Leeds Crown Court and broadcast the footage on Facebook to 250,000 people.

    Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, has successfully appealed against his 13-month jail term for contempt of court – but his case will be heard again, judges ruled today.

    The decision to send him to prison has sparked several protests all over the country and the campaign to get him freed has garnered support abroad, especially in the United States.

    Fans were crying with joy and cheering when the news spread outside the High Court today where anti-racism campaigners also stood chanting against him.

  4. the independent – Far-right leader Tommy Robinson wins appeal and is freed from prison

    Judges have ordered Tommy Robinson be released from prison after quashing a court’s finding that he committed contempt in Leeds.

    Free Tommy protesters and anti-fascist demonstrators were kept apart by police outside the court

  5. Hallelujah! It’s especially good to see “main voices” like Levant and Condell scouring out Old Bailey and the MSM for their usual treason.

    Let Tommy Robinson be safe in the arms of his family. How he made it out alive is anyone’s guess. Bless this website and so many others that kept Robinson front-and-center for all these weeks so that the UK knew there would be an actinic glare turned upon even the slightest harm that befell this good lad.

    Hallelujah, twice!

  6. He’s so thin and drawn…
    Rx: Give our hero some privacy, along with our love.
    – – Lots & Lots of LOVE!

    Sue the evil cabal for subjecting a political prisoner to cruel and unusual punishment! Throw this at every self-described human rights pusher in formerly-Great Britain.

  7. Tommy Robinson has the Heart of a Lion.
    Welcome Home Tommy Robinson.

    “This is my kingdom. If I don’t fight for it, who will?” – Simba

    • So good to see Tommy and Ezra meet and greet. Without Rebel Media’s constant focus upon this political crucifixion of Robinson, we might not have him amongst us any longer. This was a narrowest sliver of the very hardest cheese…

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