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  1. the gateway pundit – The Trump of Europe: Catching Up with Italy’s Matteo Salvini, the New Strongman of Europe

    Matteo Salvini, the deputy prime minister and minister of Interior of Italy, is the head of the centre-right, Lega political party, and the most important ‘rising star’ in European politics. His polls have skyrocketed since taking office and he is universally viewed as the new strongman of Europe. His nickname is Il Capitano.

    Meeting with informal advisor, and long time friend, Ted Malloch in Viminale Palace in Rome, Salvini boasted about Malloch’s new book Common Sense Business on common sense business and economics, suggesting we need to reorient our thinking to prudence and markets and away from the peril of globalism and crony capitalism.

    In a wide-ranging discussion with Malloch and his colleague, Federico Arata, a strong supporter of the new government, Salvini stressed four things demonstrating his sheer command of issues and as the most common sense political leader since Ronald Reagan.

    Salvini is nothing less than the Trump of Europe.

    First, he controversially said Italy would back the Theresa May government in the UK as it leaves the European Union. He stated that the EU is not to be trusted and had “swindled” (the Italian word translates as “screwed”) the UK as it had others in various negotiations.

    Salvini, who was previously a EU MEP in the Europe of Nations and Freedom faction, of that body knows well that the EU transgresses on national sovereignty and has a philosophy that contradicts the values of the majority of the peoples of Europe. Salvini said he wants a new kind of EU, one that is smaller, less bureaucratic, and that devolves power back to member nation states.

    Second, Salvini suggested that the immigration crisis is paralyzing Europe and changing its very nature. He has set out a policy to change that and is now sending ships with illegal immigrants back to Libya and deporting illegal persons from the streets of Italy. He is in the same vein also committed to a pro-family policy to insure that Italy repopulates itself. With a weak birth rate, he thinks the family needs to be at the core of decision-making and will be the real legacy of this government.

    Third, the dynamic and charismatic politician has made ending crime a highest priority for his ministry. His administration is striking out to curtail organized crime, human trafficking, and narcotics. He is calling a first ever summit in the heart of Calabria next month to launch a series of efforts to coordinate activities to vigorously go after the mafia.

    Finally, Salvini is firmly committed to a 15 per cent flat tax, which was his party’s rallying cry in the recent election. Trying to revive the Italian economy and its enterprises, Salvini wants to go down in history as a pro-market, enterprise friendly politician and believes the best way to achieve this is by instituting a flat tax. This would make the world take notice and incentivize capital markets to do business in Italy. It would benefit Italy’s important SME sector, while creating jobs and stronger economic growth.

    • BREITBART – Breaking Ranks, Italian Bishop Blasts ‘Collective’ Trashing of Matteo Salvini

      The bishop of Chioggia has criticized Catholic attacks on Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for his efforts to curb illegal immigration, noting that people’s frustration with Italy’s immigration situation “is not irrational.”

      Addressing a recent cover story in Famiglia Cristiana, Italy’s largest Catholic publication, which compared Mr. Salvini with the devil, Bishop Adriano Tessarollo said he thinks it is “stupid” to identify the magazine with all Catholic priests.

      “Let’s stop this collectivizing mentality,” the bishop said in an interview with Corriere del Veneto. “Broad categorical judgements are the most malevolent and offensive thing there is.”

      Famiglia Cristiana “is not the voice of the Church,” he said.

      In an online interview with Vanity Fair, the director of Famiglia Cristiana, Antonio Rizzolo, indeed made it sound as if his magazine was presuming to speak for all Italian clergy.

      What we sought to do was “underscore how the presidency of the Italian Bishops conference, many individual bishops of north and south, and Catholic religious and laity are reacting to certain scornful and aggressive tones from the deputy prime minister regarding the migrant crisis,” he said.

      As Breitbart News has reported, there is indeed a growing divide between Church officials and the rank-and-file members of the faithful over the immigration crisis and over Minister Salvini in particular.

      While a number of prelates have publicly criticized the new government’s attempts to rein in rampant illegal migration, polls indicate that Mr. Salvini is the most trusted politician in the country, and his immigration policy has garnered broad support from a largely Catholic population. A number of bishops meanwhile are engaged in a scorched-earth policy against the minister.

      One outspoken Italian bishop said recently that he would be willing to “turn all churches into mosques” to help migrants, while a priest called Salvini “the antichrist” in a homily in Saint Peter’s Basilica.

      The former bishop of Caserta, Raffaele Nogaro, said that politicians who speak of deportations with the rosary in hand are “taking the name of God in vain, a very serious sin,” in reference to a famous image of Salvini holding rosary beads at a rally.

      For a new clerical movement opposing Italy’s populist government, especially regarding its efforts to curb the illegal immigration that has run rampant in the country since 2014, Matteo Salvini is the personification of everything evil, with one priest going so far as to publicly call him “the antichrist.”

      When Salvini denied permission to debark to the NGO vessel Aquarius that was carrying hundreds of African migrants in late June, the Italian bishops were among those protesting most loudly.

      “It is Jesus coming to us on a vessel, he is in the man or child who drowns, it is Jesus who fishes through the garbage in search of a little food,” said Sicilian Cardinal Francesco Montenegro in a homily shortly afterward.

      The more the Italian Catholic hierarchy throws its support behind unchecked immigration, the more a substantial portion of the flock is pushing back in an effort to retake national sovereignty.

      Meanwhile, a trickle of prelates and priests like Bishop Tessarollo are beginning to swim against the tide, reminding the faithful that Mr. Salvini is, in fact, not the antichrist or the devil, but a realistic politician dealing with a grave problem.

      Writing last week for the Catholic Herald, Father Alexander Lucie-Smith said he was disturbed by Famiglia Cristiana’s likening of Matteo Salvini to the devil.

      “This represents a quite astonishing personal attack, especially as the Church has been nothing but nice to some politicians noted for their anti-life stance, like Emma Bonino, for example,” the priest noted.

      “Thus we have a dangerous situation,” Father Lucie-Smith said, “a church hierarchy pulling in one direction, but lots of laity (and possibly some priests and even bishops too, who, for the moment are keeping quiet) pulling in the other.”

      For an important Catholic publication (usually assumed to be a Vatican mouthpiece) to call the Minister of the Interior Satan, “does not help,” the priest observed. “Indeed, it is irresponsible.”

  2. Asylum, thought of as a temporary tool to ensure the safety of people until a threat is no longer prevalent, is no longer what it used to be. Simply being safe, fed and having a roof provided over your head isn’t enough anymore. Refugees are making many demands and claims, which are hardly reasonable if not laughable to a sane person.

    One of the more well-known refugees with questionable demands is Aras Bacho a writer for the Huffington post in Germany. He has previously demanded all Germans should donate money to refugees, provide smartphones and that angry Germans should leave the country all for the good of the country and integration of course.

    Other questionable articles and comments by him included claims of racism, the normality of going on holiday to the countries they supposedly fled and even blaming unaccompanied women in a tweet for being sexually assaulted during New Year’s Eve in Cologne 2015.

    He later deleted the tweet, apologised and claimed it came out the wrong way but the tweet was pretty straight forward as many noticed. Furthermore he believes it to be completely normal to lie about your age in asylum applications.

    Another example is Ahmad A. a Syrian currently living with two wives in the area of Hamburg. He has six kids, a seventh on the way, is illiterate, wants to marry another wife and has no plans to work.

  3. Xan: The REAL reason California has banned straws (tongue in cheek)

    (Editor note: There are other, earlier variations on the Smart Straw concept including one previously developed by the company DrinkSavvy, however, other versions of the straw have not yet gone into production.)

    Three teenagers are being praised for a straw they invented to detect the presence of date rape drugs in drinks.

    Susana Cappello, Carolina Baigorri and Victoria Roca of Florida took first place in a business plan competition (on the high school level) held by the Miami Herald, after presenting a straw they said could detect two common drugs used in assaults — GHB and Ketamine. These drugs often do not have a smell or taste to them, making them difficult to detect when slipped into a drink.

    The straws developed by the teens contain two test strips that turn blue when dipped into a drink that contains a date rape drug. The teens are hoping their straws will be able to detect other drugs in the future.

  4. A poll in Austria shows that less than half of Austrians are willing to tolerate a cityscape dominated by women wearing headscarves while a vast majority also condemn migrants who refuse to integrate.
    The new poll shows that only 42 percent of eligible voters are willing to tolerate women in Islamic headscarves dominating their cities, while 84 percent say they would not tolerate migrants who refuse to integrate into Austrian society, Kronen Zeitung reports.

    While the survey shows Austrians have little tolerance for those unwilling to integrate, it also revealed voters to be incredibly tolerant of those with a different political opinion to them. Nine in ten said they did not mind if another person had different political beliefs except for individuals glorifying National Socialism, or Nazism, which 87 percent said they could not tolerate.

  5. Dem governor flees to $7M Italian vacation home as political, personal problems mount

    His constituents are complaining about the state’s crumbling transit system. His own party wants to strip him of gubernatorial powers. The soccer team he owns is living in dire conditions, and one of his sons has been in trouble with the law.

    What’s a newly elected governor with no experience in elected office to do? He takes a vacation far, far away.

    New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy raised eyebrows last week as he embarked on a swanky 11-day trip to Italy, where he owns a $7 million home he bought during his 23-year stint at Goldman Sachs.

    The trip comes just six months after Murphy — a Democrat and former diplomat under President Barack Obama — was elected to the top job in the state.

  6. NYU professor Michael Rectenwald warns that western civilization is under siege from Maoist totalitarians and that we are on the verge of “completely losing our culture.”

    In a blistering Facebook post, Rectenwald provided perhaps the most succinct summary of the threat facing the west ever written.

    “We’re undergoing a Maoist-like Cultural Revolution — with the power of the corporate mass media, corporate social media, the academy, most of corporate America, the deep state, the shadow government, and most of the legal apparatuses behind it,” wrote the professor, adding that, “Anti-western, anti-individual, anti-Christian, anti-liberty monsters are ravaging our cultural legacies as well as our contemporary arts and letters. Our entire culture is under siege and undergoing an utter and relentless social justice dismantling. Leftist totalitarianism is running amok. We’re on the precipice of completely losing our culture, the benefits of western civilization, and the entire legacy of western civilizational history. A major resurgence and counter attack is necessary and soon.”

    In a follow up post, the professor doubled down on his warning, remarking, “How dare the left have pretensions of moral superiority. Leftists in power have mass-murdered and imprisoned more people than any other contingent in political history. Don’t come around here acting morally superior to me or anyone else, you monsters.”

  7. Watch: The #InMyFeelings challenge is causing accidents everywhere, and the police are angry
    It is obviously reckless to jump out a moving car to dance on the street, which is what the so-called challenge involves.

    Rapper Drake’s new hit song In My Feelings was accompanied by a popular social media challenge with the same name. Also called the Kiki Challenge, it involves, rather foolishly, jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside while the song is playing.

    Inevitably, it has led to more than just a few injuries. Besides the one in the video above, people have crashed into poles, tripped on potholes, and been hit by cars while dancing for the challenge. On one occasion, a woman had her handbag stolen.

  8. If you’re living in Dallas, there’s a problem occurring right under your nose that you’re not aware of unless you’ve attempted to call the police for a very serious reason recently.

    RedState recently met with Officer Nick Novello, a 30 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department who relayed some very troubling news as to the state of the city’s first responders. According to Novello, so under-funded and understaffed is the city’s central Dallas police force that priority one and priority two calls — these are calls that generally involve life-threatening situations — take hours to be answered, if they go answered at all. This has turned the DPD into more of a mop-up crew than a police force according to Novello.

    According to Novello, over a short amount of time, the number of calls for even the lowest trafficked channel for priority one and two calls number in the hundreds. No number was given for channels that involve more crime-ridden neighborhoods.

    Novello told RedState that due to the cutbacks to the department, there are sometimes no more than four to five police officers available to respond to calls at any given time. Novello told RedState that the number should be in the high twenties for a city as large as Dallas. Not only has this created a problem for citizens who have seen elevated crime, but it’s creating problems for the officers as well who reportedly fall ill to stress-related sicknesses due to being overworked.

  9. Uday Jaswal is heading back to work with the Ottawa police after being given a promotion.

    The former Ottawa police superintendent has been named deputy chief of the Ottawa police, replacing Jill Skinner, who retired in June.

    He will be sworn in Sept. 24.

    Deputy police chief hopes to leave legacy of kindness, caring
    Jaswal was most recently deputy chief of the Durham Regional Police Service east of Toronto. He was sworn in two years ago Thursday.

    “We needed a highly experienced, respected, and effective law enforcement leader,” said Eli El-Chantiry, chair of the Ottawa Police Services Board, in a news release.

    “The board is confident that Uday reflects all of the necessary qualities to help lead one of the most respected police services in North America.”

  10. MH370 final report: Missing aircraft behaviour reveals it was under manual control
    THE only way MH370 would have been able to deviate from its flight path was if it was under deliberate, manual control. But there are still more questions than answers after the report was handed down.

  11. A syrian refugee family of 8 (6 kids!) was housed in a council-owned 500k EU villa in Waalre, the Netherlands, on an 1800 square m plot. It burned down in October 2016, due to malfunctioning growing equipment. The father had installed a marihuana plantation in the attic, and was also stealing electricity.

    When regular people get caught growing weed like that, they’re banned from social housing for 5 years. This family was immediately housed somewhere else, in the interest of the children.

    In Dutch:

  12. Imam Mundhir Abdallah, of the Masjid Al-Faruq mosque in Copenhagen, told his followers “the final solution to the problem of the Levant – after the establishment of the Caliphate and the elimination of the Jewish entity – will be through the conquest of Europe.”
    Abdallah was speaking on a video first released in 2017. It has now been made public and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) just a week after he was charged with hate speech over a separate incident where repeated a call to kill Jews.

    In the latest video, Abdallah lays out a plan whereby Muslims can conquer all of Europe and deliver a final blow to the “vileness” of the Jewish people.

    “Europe must be invaded again,” he said, calling for a new Islamic conquest of Al-Andalus, the Balkans, and Rome, in order to fulfill the promise of the Prophet Muhammad.

    • Donell Wilkins, 18, squeezed a bottle full of the corrosive substance into the 17-year-old’s face in Kingston, South West London.

      This is where the Code of Hammurabi begins to make an astonishing lot of sense.

  13. Painting Of Trump’s WH Team ‘Crossing The Swamp’ Sets Off Frenzy

    Not many people know this, but Washington, D.C., used to be a swamp. It is now, figuratively, but it once was, literally.

    If you’ve been to D.C., you’ve rolled down the eight-lane-wide Constitution Avenue. That used to be the Washington City Canal, and ran from 1815 until the 1850s (it once connected into the C&O Canal). During its decline, it served as a sewer, filled with human waste. The mosquitoes were horrible.

    So Alexander “Boss” Shepherd ordered it filled in, and it became the city’s grand boulevard.

  14. Report: Mueller Referred Tony Podesta Case To New York Prosecutors
    12:05 AM 08/01/2018
    Chuck Ross | Reporter

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller has referred cases on a group of prominent American lobbyists, including Democrat-connected superlobbyist Tony Podesta, to federal prosecutors in New York as part of an inquiry into whether the operatives worked as unregistered foreign agents.

    Mueller also referred former Obama White House General Counsel Greg Craig and former Minnesota Republican Rep. Vin Weber to the New York office as part of the inquiry, according to CNN.

    All three of the lobbyists worked with former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on a campaign to help former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

    Mueller has indicted Manafort in two federal jurisdictions on a slew of charges related to his work for Yanukovcyh, including tax evasion and acting as an unregistered foreign agent. Manafort went on trial in Virginia on Tuesday. (RELATED: Ex-Obama Lawyer Who Worked With Manafort On Ukraine Project Abruptly Leaves Law Firm)

    Richard: The office and court this was refereed to is very pro Hillary and anti Trump, he will be whitewashed and turned loose.

  15. Chinese Media: U.S. Marines in Taiwan Would Be ‘Invasion of Chinese Soil’

    China’s displeasure at the notion of U.S. Marines guarding the American diplomatic mission in Taiwan reached fever pitch on Tuesday, as China’s state-run Global Times denounced the security detail tantamount as an “invasion of the U.S. military of Chinese soil.”

    The United States does not have a formal embassy in Taiwan, but a facility known as the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) serves that purpose in effect. China is extremely sensitive to any measures that treat Taiwan as an independent nation, including steps that would make the AIT look like a real foreign embassy instead of a “de facto” consulate.

    The U.S. State Department requested a Marine Security Guard detachment for the AIT before the Fourth of July holiday this year, prompting immediate Chinese warnings to “exercise caution” and “avoid affecting overall bilateral ties.”

  16. Why Hasn’t the Press Reported That Paul Manafort Was Exonerated 8 Years Ago? Federal Prosecutors Led by ROD ROSENSTEIN Declined to Charge Him.
    Filed under: MSM Biz/Other Bias,MSM Biz/Other Ignorance,Taxes & Government — Tom @ 6:27 pm
    Okay, everyone. I want a show of hands (too bad I can’t see everyone participating).

    How many of you know that Paul Manafort was exonerated by federal investigators who investigated his financial and tax affairs eight years ago?

    I doubt that more than a couple of people, if any, raised their hands.

    How can the press explain away its collective failure to prominently report this quite pertinent fact for NINE MONTHS?

  17. An “off-the-record” private discussion group for left-wing journalists, similar to the controversial “JournoList” cabal, has been discovered.
    The group, which is hosted on Google Groups, was discovered after messages from New York Magazine journalist Jesse Singal were leaked.

    “The listserv, per its ‘About’ page, aims to provide an ‘off-the-record discussion forum for left-of-center journalists, authors, academics, and wonks.’ It has been around for at least eight years (I found discussion posts dating back as far as 2010), and has just over 400 members (403 at the time of this writing),” reported Jezebel. “These members include New York Times best-selling authors, Ivy League academics, magazine editors, and other public intellectuals—in short, a lot of important people who influence public discourse through their written work.”

    “They use the listserv’s forum to discuss current events, news from their respective fields, articles they’ve read, articles they’ve written, and other topics of public importance,” Jezebel explained.

    A list of the members has yet to be released.

    In 2010, a similar group known as “JournoList” also hosted off-record discussions between left-wing journalists from different outlets, and also included Singal.

    The group, which was created by Vox Media Editor-at-Large Ezra Klein, became the subject of scandal after leaked messages showed the journalists conspiring to influence political outcomes, such as the 2008 presidential election.

  18. “Don’t Be Evil, Unless It’s Worth Untold New Riches”: Whistleblower Reveals Google Plan to Launch Censored Search Engine in China
    “If Google goes through with this, effectively normalizing and Americanizing authoritarian censorship, this will be the Waterloo in the global battle for a free internet as a norm.”

    Xan: sad, but I wonder if the author of the article is aware of the pun they made….Google has a huge presence in Waterloo, Canada!

    • A good friend of mine suggested that Google change their motto from, “Don’t be evil”, to, “See no evil”.

      That works for me.

    • How rare to encounter such a reliable source of information.

      Chappell and his entire crew deserve a dozen Pulitzer’s.

      “What’s that, Shelly?!?…”

  19. LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The Henderson Police Department is investigating a theft of a truck and trailer that held 400 firearms inside it.

    HPD officer Rod Peña reports that the stolen trailer was reported at noon on Tuesday. It had been in the Fiesta Henderson Parking Lot when it was taken.

    Unconfirmed reports say that high-powered rifles and ammunition were among the stolen items.

  20. There were 1,112 Syrian refugees resettled in the UK in the first three months of the year. The Home Office now admits that there was not a single Christian among them, Premier Christian Radio reports.

    The information, including the rejection of Christian applicants, came to light following a freedom of information request by the Barnabas Fund – a charity that supports persecuted Christians.

    Only Muslim refugee applicants from the war-torn country have been accepted and resettled.

    The statement by the charity said: “As Barnabas Fund recently reported, of the 7,060 Syrian refugees the UNHCR recommended to the UK in 2017 only 25 were Christians (0.35 per cent). However, the Home Office only accepted eleven of these – meaning that Christians made up only 0.23 per cent of Syrian refugees resettled in the UK last year.”

    Xan: It’s OK to send them back – the civil war is officially over. The homeland is safe for those who were truly civilians, and the terrorists should face their comeuppance!

  21. Israel warns Iran of military response if it closed key Red Sea strait
    Reuters Staff

    3 MIN READ

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel would deploy its military if Iran were to try to block the Bab al-Mandeb strait that links the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday.

  22. “Why do you think you need a gun?”

    It’s a question I suspect we all get asked at one time or another. We often answer that we carry for our protection, to defend ourselves or others. Others reply with a snarky, “It’s not called the ‘Bill of Needs,’ now is it?” Neither person is wrong, nor are many of the other thousands of potential answers.

    However, it seems that some in Antifa are telling protestors looking to counter a right-leaning rally in Portland to “bring their own guns.”

  23. Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti has staked his reputation on destroying Donald Trump. But now he’s destroyed himself from a legal position, publicly and on live TV.

    In an exchange on “Anderson Cooper” Friday night, Avenatti allowed esteemed Harvard University professor Alan Dershowitz to goad him into admitting he broke rule 4.2 of the American Bar Association.

  24. BARNSTABLE — A Taunton woman accused of intentionally driving into a man’s car a month ago after becoming enraged by a Trump bumper sticker pleaded not guilty Monday in Barnstable District Court to a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon.

    Chloe Wright, 25, also faces charges of vandalizing property and leaving the scene of property damage. She was released on $1,250 bail and was ordered to stay away from the victim.

    On June 30, a man called Barnstable police to report a hit-and-run crash. He told responding officers he had been driving south on Bearses Way in Hyannis, and was stopped for a red light at the intersection of Route 28 when the driver of the car behind him began honking the horn, according to a police report.

    The man continued driving onto Bassett Lane and the car followed, with the driver still honking, the man told police, according to the report. When he stopped again for a red light at the intersection with North Street, the driver also began yelling, the man said.

    Thinking that something might be wrong with the back of his car, the man stepped out into the road. The driver began yelling at him about a Donald Trump bumper sticker on the back of his car, he told police.

    “She said, ‘You voted for Trump?’” the man wrote in a statement. “I said yes. She called me a racist and several other names.”

    As the man began recording the incident on his phone, the woman drove around his car, prompting him to step back into the driver’s side door opening, he told police, according to the report. The woman then drove at him and hit the open door, he said, according to the report.

    “She bent my door and I had to lean back to avoid getting hit,” the man wrote. “She also hit the side of my car.”

    Brian Kenety 01-08-2018 Print Subscribe to RSS
    A June poll by the STEM agency shows Prime Minister Andrej Babiš remains the country’s most popular politician, with 47 per cent of eligible voters giving him a favourable rating. Jaroslav Faltýnek, the deputy chairman of the ANO movement which Mr Babiš founded, ranked second at 38 per cent.

    STEM said that the poll results show there are still no “political stars” on the current scene viewed positively by the majority of the people.

    Rounding out the top five spots are three opposition party chairmen: Ivan Bartoš of the Pirate Party at 36 per cent, Tomio Okamura of the far-right Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD) at 35 per cent, and Vojt?ch Filip of the Communists (KS?M) at 33 per cent.

    Jan Hamá?ek, the party chairman of the Social Democrats – ANO’s junior coalition partner in the minority government formed in July – placed sixth, at 31 per cent.

  26. the gateway pundit TUCKER CARLSON Calls On GOP Lawmakers to Read Entire Unredacted FISA Memo on House Floor (VIDEO)

    On Wednesday night Tucker Carlson called on Republican lawmakers to go to the floor of the US House of Representatives and read all of the FISA memos in their unredacted form.

    The deep state FBI released the FISA documents to Republican lawmakers ten days ago but the pages were highly redacted to protect the identities of corrupt Obama and intelligence officials.

    Tucker called on the lawmakers to do what Dianne Feinstein did and read the entire memo on the House floor.

    In December 2014 Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) unilaterally released the CIA Torture Report on terrorist detainees on the Senate floor.

    Tucker Carlson: I just wanted to say this. We spoke to the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee a minute ago. Devin Nunes of California is an honorable person…

    He has read the whole text of the application for the FISA warrant by the government, the Obama administration to spy on Carter Page and the Trump Campaign.

    He says the parts that have been redacted do not in any way threaten American national security. It is merely butt-covering on the part of the bureaucracy.

    We ask the obvious question which is why don’t you just tell us what’s in it and let the public decide, let the public judge.

    In the commercial break I got an interesting text, I’m going to read it on the air from a very informed person in Washington.

    And I’m quoting, “Dianne Feinstein entered the CIA torture memos into the record of the senate and was protected by the speech and debate clause. Any Republican with access to the FISA warrant could do the same.

    Complete immunity awaits them. I believe that to be true… I will say one more time, if you know what’s in the redacted portions of that application please send it to us. The public has a right to know.

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