Denmark: For the first time ever an imam has been charged with encouraging the killing of Jews

An original translation by Tania Groth with much thanks

From this Danish publication

The controversial words were spoken during Friday prayers at a mosque on Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

An imam from a mosque in Nørrebro in Copenhagen has been charged for encouraging the killing of Jews.

This was stated by the prosecutorial authority in a press release.

This is the first time a prosecution has been initiated under the so-called Imam Act of January 2017. The Imam Act was passed in an effort to curb radicalization and religious [hate] preachers.

“These are heinous statements, and I think it is quite right that the court now has an opportunity to assess the case,” says Advocate General Eva Rønne from the State Prosecutor’s office.

She has the sermon on video, as the mosque from Nørrebro in Copenhagen itself posted it on Facebook and YouTube.

“Come and kill him”

According to the Prosecution Authority, the sermon consists of both the imam’s own words and a quote from the Quran. The imam says, among other things:

“Judgment Day will not arrive until Muslims fight the Jews in order that the Muslims may kill them — and the Jew will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will say,” O Muslim, O God’s worshiper, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Eva Rønne explains that it is legal to quote religious scriptures from the Quran and the Bible, but it is punishable if, for example, killing a certain segment of the population is applauded and that the person preaching the words at the same time makes the words his own.

“It has always been illegal to accept the killing certain segments of the population, but what is new is that we now have a method to target hate preachers that can sentence them to up to three years in prison,” she says.

Danish Jews happy about the pending trial

The Jewish Society in Denmark is pleased that the word of the imam are now going to appear in court.

“For us, there was no doubt as to what the statements mean. It has been deeply worrying,” says chairman Dan Rosenberg Asmussen to TV 2.

“There are examples for weak souls who listen to preachers,” he explains.

The imam is also charged under the racism section of the law.

The criminal case will be prosecuted at Copenhagen City Court, but a date has not yet been scheduled.




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12 Replies to “Denmark: For the first time ever an imam has been charged with encouraging the killing of Jews”

  1. I wonder if the Imams of Cairo and Mecca are as worried about this as they should be because if they aren’t they clearly don’t understand how the West’s “consciousness” works. Having read the Holy Quran I can assure you that it breaks the living shit out of any hate-speech laws in Norway or Britain or Denmark or Canada or France or you name it. The Muslim scriptures don’t just hedge over the line a little bit, they totally and grossly obliterate it. There’s one Hadith that says, “If you meet a Jew. Kill him”. Ba-da-bing. It don’t get a lot more hate-speechy than that, folks, and yet no one has once had the nerve to even point it out. Until now! Shiver in your boots, Imams. The infidels can really get going if you pique their curiosity and this trial is going to go “pique, pique, pique…”, and then they’ll be hungry for more.

    • No one cares, Chris.
      How does what’s written in that h o l e y book matter when they know as absolute, postive, FACT that PTrump is a racist, sexist, homophobe, nazi, fascist…

      • It dismays me to see how many leftists simply have no interest to facts at all. They seem to consider them hostile in themselves and get just as mad as they would about a lie. They’ve been told that “facts” are nothing but a tool of the patriarchy and can be dismissed as such. How stupid do you have to be to believe such nonsense…

        It’s all turning tribal now, isn’t it… People don’t hear arguments anymore they just see arrows coming from the other side and react appropriately to being attacked. I guess that’s what people mean when they say we are in a war. Did you see that female school teacher going after Menzies? She definitely thinks she’s in a war. She also thinks that she can do whatever she likes because she will be protected by the rule against hitting women. But soon the feminists are going to wear that out and I hate to see that happening because I’m still old fashioned enough to respect that “rule”…

  2. I suppose the muslims could pull the old “40% of the koran cannot be translated”. So just a semantic misunderstanding.

    • Oh, they’ll pull all sorts of things but all that will do is the one thing they don’t want to see happen and that is for the Infidels to actually find out what Islam is really all about, and that will surely happen if the Infidels are allowed to look too closely. Personally, I want to see the look on all the black guy’s called Arab names faces when they find out that the reason there are so few blacks in Saudi Arabia today despite bringing millions of Nubian slaves in is that they castrated them before bringing them to Arabia. Watch that put an end to calling your kids “Tariq” and “Aisha”… Then tell ’em that the Arab word for black, “abd”, is the same as their word for slave. Hence, “Abdallah” equals “slave of Allah”. Good luck with thinking Islam is the natural religion of the black man…

  3. Every country with hate speech laws can effectively ban Islam overnight.
    All it requires is for The Nobel Quran to be consulted. The footnotes to Surah 1 state that this seven line surah denounces Jews & Christians AND any Muslim prayers which excluded Surah 1 are not counted as prayers.

    Tell me one other “religion” which gathers on a daily basis to compel the denunciation of those who are not believers. If any political party even did this, they’d be hauled through the courts.

    • In Canada, our last PM, Stephen Harper, who did get all this stuff and was a great guy and leader, but for a country that was not ready for him, (think Donald Trump in Sweden 10 years ago) passed a law which he felt was a good thing for the West.

      It exempted religious texts from hate speech laws.

      I believe the reason was so that Christians could still teach the parts of the bible that forbade homosexuality.

      Boy did that backfire.

      • I did not know that. So if I write a book and say that it’s a religion I can put hits out on people and it’s OK? I can tell people to buy guns, get ammunition, learn how to shoot, and then drive over to Bob’s house and blow his brains out because my God said so? Really? Did Harper really pass such a law? Did it never occur to anybody that a “religion” could be evil?

        • Harper is a religious Christian. It is anathema to him to forbid teaching the bible as it is. I think he, like PM Mulroney before him who botched an abortion law, thought it was a clever solution to a damned problem. Both of these men are good men. I have nothing but respect for both of them. But its hard to see a jove like islam coming at you from a distance. You tend to think its just some dirt in your eye.

          The answer to your question is, probably not. Canada has a work around now that advantages islam uber alles. We are a dhimmi nation who uses selective enforcement of even non-laws like M103 which has 23M$ worth of money behind it now to enforce it.

          So while if the law was just, you could make a religion of the Crusader, or better yet, make it multicutlural and make it the religion of Christ’s Brother James Matamoros and create the law of Matamoros and use no immediacy like Islam does, but write it out as Islam does to guarantee the primacy of your religion and in theory you should be fine. After all, you can have your drivers licence photo taken with a spaghetti strainer on your head now thanks to Dawkins and you can now retroactivly claim you are really a woman in Alberta to get cheaper car insurance.

          So you should be fine.

          But in reality, you would go to jail for a hate crime and die like Kevin Krehan. Because we are not a fair, just country governed by rule of law.

          We are a communist-Islamic state. They just arent quite ready to unmask that yet enough to shut down this site.

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