Major offensive on the invasion of Spain takes place in Cueta

In this invasion video of Spain, notice what the celebrant who is filming this says at about 1:08

(And that is why you cannot have muslims as participants in Western nation states. The loyalty I to the ummah and actively against all other forms of organizing humanity, or any form of non-islamic autonomous systems or cultures.)

This article at the Daily Mail explains that the invaders used Quicklime to overcome border patrols.

A spokesman for the Guardia Civil police force in Ceuta told AFP the migrants managed to climb over the double barrier, which is covered in small blades, early on Thursday morning.


They scrambled over “all of a sudden, with much violence,” and some attacked police with quicklime they had in tubes and bottles.


As a result, “more than a dozen police” were injured, four of whom had to go to hospital for burns in the face and arms.

Isabel Brasero, spokeswoman for the Red Cross, said they had to attend to 30 migrants with injuries, none serious.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the substance, Quicklime:

As a weapon:

In 80 BC, the Roman general Sertorius deployed choking clouds of caustic lime powder to defeat the Characitani of Hispania, who had taken refuge in inaccessible caves. A similar dust was used in China to quell an armed peasant revolt in 178 AD, when lime chariots equipped with bellows blew limestone powder into the crowds.[18]

David Hume, in his History of England, recounts that early in the reign of Henry III, the English Navy destroyed an invading French fleet by blinding the enemy fleet with quicklime.[19]Quicklime may have been used in medieval naval warfare – up to the use of “lime-mortars” to throw it at the enemy ships.[20]

Quicklime is also thought to have been a component of Greek fire. Upon contact with water, quicklime would increase its temperature above 150 °C and ignite the fuel.[21]

So exactly how is this not an invasion? In what way is it immigration?

The Spanish paper, El Pais, explains that the invaders used not just chemical weapons, but BLOW TORCHES and sharpened sticks.

Please check the comments in the Reader’s Links post for July 26, and under this post, for more invasion of Spain videos.

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19 Replies to “Major offensive on the invasion of Spain takes place in Cueta”

  1. The invasion of Europe is opening a new front. Now combine this with the new patriot political parties and the growing threat of vigilante action against the invaders. The picture that this combination paints isn’t pretty but is the only way that the European can maintain control of their countries and preservet their cultures.

  2. Any country that allows these savages to take over deserves everything they get.

    You want to stop this kind of behavior? Allow their local police force to come in and shoot the bastards. Maybe not real bullets at first, but if need be, start taking taking them out, as many as it takes for them to get the idea. These scumbags are an invading army. The police should be told by the powers that be to shoot on sight. At this point, it’s the only hope.

    • I agree, that’s why they used to issue border guards with firearms. These days they seem more willing to use them against their own people.

  3. I saw this, mentions “sticks and homemade flamethrowers”, I guess the latter refers to quicklime. “More than 100 migrants and 22 border agents were injured in the fight.”

    • I find these savages to be terrifying. Imagine if you are a white person, having to live with these barbarians. What is wrong with their government that this is allowed to happen? Seriously, instead of carefully taking them down from the wire fence and giving them treatment, I’d use them for target practice.

      • Well, I guess the Gulf Arabs who OWN most of Spain will have to manage this infestation.
        They’ll sic their North Africans on them. They’ll be rounded up, enslaved, or thrown out.

        Undeterred by "hesitant tears" or special pleadings by "courageous' Swedish SJWs. No tender escort, no 1st-class ticket. No HRW, no journalists.

        Those capable of following orders will be enlisted as soldiers.
        [IQ hovering at 70 => not great officer material.]


    Migrants used homemade blow torches, quicklime, sticks and sharp objects against the police, in what has been described as one of the largest and most violent border crossings in recent years.
    For more than an hour, police and Civil Guard officers tried to contain the group but were overtaken by the migrants who used battery-powered radial saws to cut the fence and homemade weapons to get past the officers.

    The migrants who made it into to Ceuta ran through the streets, kissing the ground and crying out in joy. The group headed for a local Temporary Immigration Detention Center (CETI), which is already 15% above capacity.

  5. You’re sitting in a restaurant at a table for two and a man sits down in the other seat. He calmly pulls a loaded revolver out of his jacket and puts it on the table between you. He says:
    “I am going to kill you, rape your wife, sell your children into slavery and steal all of your possessions, then I am going to take away your freedom and your democracy and turn your country into a shithole just like mine. This I promise you in the name of my God. And don’t bother going to the Police because they have been told that you are crazy and not to be trusted. But right now I offer you this gun and suggest that you shoot me with it and take the prison time as a sacrifice to your family. I also promise you that if you do not shoot me right now I am going to come back later and I will not be giving you this opportunity again. Choose wisely, Infidel…”

  6. And while savage blacks are coming to Europe (this time via Merkel’s socialist/communist Spanish homologues) majorily thanks to Merkel, her Government is blatantly racist when it comes to White Folk.

    Don’t expect any sympathy, let alone help, from the Merkel Government if you are tortured and murdered en masse because you are white, Christian, Jewish or otherwise neither muslim nor dark-skinned. Here is the translation of an article by Andreas Lilge, published on July 25, 2018:

    “Asylum for white South Africans ?-

    The Federal German Government sees no reason for protection despite discrimination and violence

    The German government sees no reason to protect white South Africans. This is the answer of the federal government to a request of the AfD. (Alternative for Germany)

    Dr. Anton Friesen of the AfD asked the German government in writing what protection status white South Africans would receive in Germany if they applied for asylum here.

    The German government sees no reason at present to grant them protection status, although the situation in South Africa is getting worse and worse.

    Dr. Friesen said:

    “In South Africa, a targeted persecution of an ethnic minority is taking place almost unnoticed by the German public. The white South Africans are discriminated against, driven out and murdered there. Over 70,000 white South Africans have been killed in the last two and a half decades. Hundreds of thousands have fled their homes.

    The serious human rights violations in South Africa are appalling. It is therefore cynical that the Federal Government cannot see any group persecution in this context. Other countries such as Australia have already begun to facilitate the granting of visas to white South Africans.

    Germany can no longer stand idly by and watch the events in South Africa. Members of the white minority in South Africa must be granted a protective title if they apply for asylum here in Germany.

    Furthermore, development aid to South Africa must be cancelled as long as the situation for the white South Africans does not improve”.

    The AfD are sweet and well meaning (and increasingly efficient too). But meanwhile, the Merkel Sow will continue to life out her fantasies of importing savages in order to (WHAT?)

    • There was only the most superficial pretense of “humanitarian motives” on the part of Merkel, et al. Just a pretext.

      Spain doesn’t get a pass because of Merkel. It’s on THEM.

      – – Oh, by the way, I’ve decided NOT to accept the offer of Spanish citizenship. Two years ago I was anguished over the decision: would Mum want me to?

      It wasn’t meant to be. Now it’s just the unfolding of His plan. Beyond my understanding, I give up.

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